Friday, February 4, 2011

What happened after that.

I had the veggie burger. It's been a minute. I'm thinking of going to the Aaron Jazz thingy. I thought it had passed,Mr. M said it's tomorrow,but Twitter says it was yesterday...#confusion.

So I DID end up kinda out yesternight,with my cousin from Egypt. They (him,his wife and his kid) were visiting my uncle but when the riots started,they had to leave. Crazy,huh? Apparently they've burnt every single supermarket. (before or after curfew? Hehe) They're evacuating folks. And it started as a joke. Some joke. #twitter #feb28

Anyway. So we ended up at karaoke at Blix,which is hosted by a chick who looks oh so familiar. The watchie almost didn't let us in. Ati because drinking hours are over. Clearly,it's been a minute since I was out. Do Kenyan bars actually follow that rule?

Quote of the night was Idols is for the sober. Karaoke is for the drunk. The people going up were really sticking to that mantra,including my cousins. (@arungaian's first time on a mic :o) Reasons I wasn't singing. But at some point,I decided to go sing Killing me softly. Get this...they didn't have it! How do you NOT have KILLING ME SOFTLY,only THE greatest karaoke song of all time? For SHAME.

So at some point during the night,I notice that the bartender is kinda cute. (it was a she :o) And the top and jeans she was wearing fit just right. Good things. I woulda maybe made a move. Maybe. But I was being an Idols contestant,so...actually I take that back. I don't need liquid courage. But a lil courage would've been good too. And Mr. M supports my...superstar ambitions. :D

The night ended with Boondocks jokes about anal rape in prison in the car. I love my family. :o) Boondocks makes me laugh at things I really shouldn't be laughing at. But,I mean, I likes it. And I wants it. And we can do this the easy way,or the hard way.




  1. Idols is for the sober idle person. Just saying. x

  2. So about the chick at the bar, did you take her number you call her over to browse through your cd collection? If she's not up for it she can just put her top back on, ama?

  3. As boondocks taints the word warrior...tsk!

  4. HAHAHA!! I guess we gonna do this THE HARD WAY!!!!