Monday, September 27, 2010

People peeves

1. People who take your shit and don't give it back. I've been wishing maggots on this evil species.

2. People who think you have to be 2mm behind me on a line. Ever heard of freakin personal space? It's not an urban myth. GTFO of my space.

3. People who think it's ok to take advantage of others weaker than themselves. You know,politicians.

4. Know-it-alls who don't know it all.

5. Homophobes.

6. Pastors who automatically assume you're evil,and that you need saving.

7. People who borrow your shit...then lose it...then don't tell you.

8. Condis who tell you less to get you in then front like they said no such thing.

9. Irresponsible group members. *nightmare*

10. Televangelists/random folk who make random churches and give them dodgy names then decide they want to be politicians and drag people down with them. *ahem*


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Britney Spears

Usually,I laugh at such situations. I mean,you find your friend making out with a guy you were just making out with 3 and a half minutes ago...what's your typical reaction,really? Is there a predefined set of rules that directs you on how one should behave (as opposed to making some up on the spot)? I didn't get that memo. So I stared for a bit at the writhing mass that was KK and JavaGuy,before laughing.

And thus they came up for air,a tad bleary-eyed but not worse for the wear...if that's what we're calling it nowadays. I stopped laughing,because it stopped being funny and started feeling...what's that word? Awkward.

'So.' Yeah. In that brief moment of intense brilliance,THAT'S what I chose to go with.
'So.' *as he looks completely nonchalant,and KK just looks tipsy. Stop copying my lines! Digression here. What do I say? Expletives flow,but I have no claim. The monster-both the one that got me into this mess and the green-eyed one-are still clamoring loudly,like especially rude children. But..he's not mine. Why should I be vaguely annoyed? Sharing is caring,right?*

'Um.' Wow. I was the epitome of eloquence tonight,really. I was even blowing MYSELF away. Which,really,it was beginning to look like I would be doing. Just me and my hand tonight. Menage á moi.

'Are you ready to go?' Did he just...well,judging from the expectant look on his face,I think that IS what he just said. So we were going to act like he hadn't JUST been-
'I know I am,' said KK,giggling.

WHOA!! Clearly I was missing something here!! So in quick succession,JavaGuy takes her hand,AND mine,and before I could say-well,anything,really,all three of us were headed out the door.



Friday, September 10, 2010

1 in the morning

Inspired by @EdwinBaru,who is probably also writing a blogpost in the club.

1. Wtf? Nigga,you can't hit on a girl and her sister at the same time in the same club. At least wait until one of them go to the bathroom.

2. I am probably the only person in the world who doesn't like the song Renée by Lost Boyz. That's a stupid song. The rhymes are wack. Period.

3. If you value yourself in any way at all,quit allowing yourself to be abused. Whether that is in relation to abusive relationships or still being on Safaricom. Oh,wait. Same thing.

4. Bongo is GENIUS. As in? Kwanza that song Nakudata by Radio and Weasel. GOOD TIMES.

5. Don't be mad when you get ditched at the club by who you came with for a quickie. Satisfying carnal needs is extremely constructive. Go do something helpful like get drunk so you don't notice or call them every 5 minutes so

6. What is it with obes and lollipops?

7. Another genius song- Lollipop,Lil Wayne.

8. Family rocks. Especially cousins. As does Kisumu and chocolate milkshakes from Dormans.

9. Eating fries in the club is so gangsta.

10. What's all this stigmatization surrounding wearing underwear? Dude. We live in a tropical country. You don't need more layers of clothing.

Time to go check out Quorum. :*