Monday, September 27, 2010

People peeves

1. People who take your shit and don't give it back. I've been wishing maggots on this evil species.

2. People who think you have to be 2mm behind me on a line. Ever heard of freakin personal space? It's not an urban myth. GTFO of my space.

3. People who think it's ok to take advantage of others weaker than themselves. You know,politicians.

4. Know-it-alls who don't know it all.

5. Homophobes.

6. Pastors who automatically assume you're evil,and that you need saving.

7. People who borrow your shit...then lose it...then don't tell you.

8. Condis who tell you less to get you in then front like they said no such thing.

9. Irresponsible group members. *nightmare*

10. Televangelists/random folk who make random churches and give them dodgy names then decide they want to be politicians and drag people down with them. *ahem*