Friday, September 10, 2010

1 in the morning

Inspired by @EdwinBaru,who is probably also writing a blogpost in the club.

1. Wtf? Nigga,you can't hit on a girl and her sister at the same time in the same club. At least wait until one of them go to the bathroom.

2. I am probably the only person in the world who doesn't like the song Renée by Lost Boyz. That's a stupid song. The rhymes are wack. Period.

3. If you value yourself in any way at all,quit allowing yourself to be abused. Whether that is in relation to abusive relationships or still being on Safaricom. Oh,wait. Same thing.

4. Bongo is GENIUS. As in? Kwanza that song Nakudata by Radio and Weasel. GOOD TIMES.

5. Don't be mad when you get ditched at the club by who you came with for a quickie. Satisfying carnal needs is extremely constructive. Go do something helpful like get drunk so you don't notice or call them every 5 minutes so

6. What is it with obes and lollipops?

7. Another genius song- Lollipop,Lil Wayne.

8. Family rocks. Especially cousins. As does Kisumu and chocolate milkshakes from Dormans.

9. Eating fries in the club is so gangsta.

10. What's all this stigmatization surrounding wearing underwear? Dude. We live in a tropical country. You don't need more layers of clothing.

Time to go check out Quorum. :*



  1. Well, ama comment on the ones I fancy:

    #2. Kweeera hukooooo!Renee is a good song but I agree, it aint a great song...sounds great in the buzz of highness though...

    #4 Bongolese just ticks me off. Data - Proff.

    #5 Experience dictates that you avoid taking a quickie target to a club especially when they drunk...alcohol can lose people mpaka even 4square wont find them

    #9 getting slapped by Mon Ami bouncers is gengsta...

    Aite Karibu Kisum CT once again...

  2. Willpress,you insomniac,you. :o) What I meant with #5 was you go a bunch of guys then shortly you're alone because everyone's found a chips...and you're not feeling inspired because you're writing a blogpost... :o)

  3. Yeeeeiii!!! Me inspirator(its a word) hahaha...@radio and weasel suck balls!! And they are Ugandan to boot!!!

  4. Yes, I who never sleeps, I should change my name to Will Watchtower or sth... Oh, okay, yeah go get wasted si you were the one acting like a bard.. LOL

    Was with a bunch of 25+ yr old women last year on they way to rave and they all declared they pantyless-ness much to everybody's un-comfortability...maybe because they was expecting me to say "Am also on Commando mode!" Tropics indeed!

  5. Zi! Radio and Weasel rock like Stonehenge. :o) And yes,Will Watchtower,panties are overrated. :o)

  6. Gangster: Eating fries in the club. Not gangster: going commando re underthings (refer to re the womans pantie). Gangster:TSN Not gangster: hating on any Lost Boyz track. Nktest on that. Awesome as always.

  7. I clearly put a disclaimer in regards to Lost Boyz. Only person in the world. :o) Why is everyone so vocal about's never that serious...

  8. radio and weasel are from uganda. eating fries in the club,gangsta-not(even tho i dont club:)) let obes be!!

  9. 9/10. good you put a disclaimer

  10. YEAH! WhoTF invented underwear? Must av been a king who kept ... himself.

  11. Na kwa nini Nakudata...story lines while making lines around each other :)