Monday, February 14, 2011

Just a thought...

Ain't that just the way that life goes down? Moving way too fast,or much too slow.

Several things are going on in my life right now. But in the madness,I've crafted a method,a routine that works for me. This often results in complacency-or simply,just comfort. I'm comfortable where I'm at. I'm grateful that it's not worse; I aspire for it to be better,for me and those around me who I love,and even those I don't. I have made moves in order to make it so. And yet,because life is life,things change. Such is life. But still I feel a gut-wrenching feeling everytime I consider the thought of change having to occur. When is it ok? Can it ever be ok? When is it time to move on? Must it always be necessary? Can humanity somehow craft our genes to expect it,accept it,deflect it?

The most painful changes for me are those that have to be made to events/things/flaws that have been going on for the longest time. Especially those within yourself. Like say,cutting your hair. :D I'm struggling with a change I may have to make now,and often I wonder why this change must be made,if indeed at all,and why it is not possible for all of us to just get along so I don't have to.



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