Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A night in the life of...

I'm about to reveal a secret about me real quick. It's not significant if you don't know me and you're not trying to get it my pants though. Although if you're reading my blog for tips on how to get with me,you need a lot more help than you think you do. Especially if you bypassed the whole Mr. M bit. Lol. So anyway. One of the (few :D) things I look for in a man is consistency. Like,dude can halla at you in the club,but if he don't call back,don't mean sh**. (say in black American accent,preferably Monique or Sommore) Same if he sees you around school/work all the time,always up in your grill (/work cubicle :D) talking that we-should-do-coffee thing and never once asking for your number. Dude wants to chill with you but he don't know your last name and ain't tryna figure it out? Please. Those cats are never genuine,but it makes it easier for me to sort through the chaff. He's...wait for it...just not that into you.

Then there's the dudes who just don't know what they want. They dunno if they want a jump-off,clande,relationship,bootybuddy,moviemate,soccersister...they jus don't know. The reason they're giving mixed signals is because they don't know what they want...and they're just not that into you.

Now the dudes I really have respect for,are the consistent ones. He can be like,yeah,so I think you're fine,and we should hook up. Which is dudespeak for I can lay pipe and you look like you need a plumber so I'ma halla...then he hallas! Beautiful. So y'all start talking,then the texts get explicit,etc,then he declares outright what he wants? Beautiful,coz you wanted the same thing. Or the dudes who are like so I think you're interesting,let's do drinks...which is dudespeak for you cute,and this could be more than a sidechick thing but I'm definitely on the lookout for any additional benefits I might accrue...yeah. Then he says,so I'm looking for a relationship. BAM! You know from the onset exactly what you want,what he wants,and it's beautiful. And I LOVE them dudes who don't even try to get your number because they KNOW they're not gonna use it. :o) Honesty. Beautiful. Basically when a man is not consistent,I assume he's not serious about...anything.

So I'm chilling at the digz watching standup,and Shark calls. Haven't talked to him in like 2,3 weeks,he's been quiet text-wise,ie in tSN speak,in possession of no ulterior motives and/or consistency. I'm like SUP? He goes come outside we go for a walk. It's 9pm. I'm like...ok. So I get out and he won't hug me because he's just come from gyming and he's he's in those sleeveless muscle shirt thingies that just show all forms of cleavage that men can possess,you know? And...ok before I digress. Anyway. So we're talking about random-yet-slightly-flirtatious stuff,and then he goes,yeah well,I've never hidden what I'm about. You know I'm up to evil. You know what I want. I gave this dude a side-eye like yeah,I know,it ain't happening,but hehe,that uncomfortable yet thoroughly amused laughter? Yeah. So then he goes si you come sleepover? I burst out laughing,and I'm like so I'll tell Mr. M what? He shrugs his (beautifully muscled) shoulders and says,he doesn't have to know. I laugh again because I know he's serious and I'm trying to make him see how preposterous that notion is. So I manage to laugh it off,he walks me back to my gate and says talk to you later.

The advisable thing would be to stay away from Shark,right?



  1. The advisable thing would be...but knowing you, you'll probably not do the advisable thing. so yeah...there's my two cents!

  2. some is just about to be.....right about now, iv just thought about that interesting cocktail "panty remover, or is it panty removed" hehe, nice post though

  3. That's the best time to hug a man when he's come from the gym smelling all sweaty...jeez, do I have to teach you everything! lol!

  4. No!! Life is short, but i guess you already know that.