Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Maybe someone should become Batman.

1 in every 3 men in South Africa has admitted to having raped a woman. One. In every THREE. So how about the ones who didn't admit it? I don't understand a society where rape is common. I don't want to live there either.

I have a preoccupation with the safety of my money-maker. In addition to that,I am literally allergic to pain. I want to do my Masters in Literature,but I can't figure out where to do it. (South Africa,at this point,is pretty much out) But only because I need to feel safe wherever I am. I barely feel safe in Nairobi. (my friend got shot at the other day-refer to Fears that Bind-and the chemist 50m away just got robbed) I am earnestly looking for somewhere where I can feel safe. Or at the very least,where the system works,and 911 is not a number you call on a prank-calling sleepover night.

Then again,is anyone really safe,and is this ever dependent on where you live? I think so. If you believe in a supernatural power,safety is from above. But,that supernatural power has granted you the blessing of logic. You're not about to go live in a well-known gangster/drug neighbourhood. You are not Mr. T. This is not a drill. It's just I want my chances of,you know,death,to be reduced,a bit,regardless of the fact that I could die from a brain aneurysm in a fortified castle completely distanced from civilization as well as a random shoot out on the street. Utumishi kwa wote. Yeah right.

What do you think? Where do you feel safe? Is there any point of 'safe' neighbourhoods and working police? Everybody needs good neighbours. AND WHERE DO I MOVE TO?...I'm calm.



  1. Being safe equals being at peace with your self. And being optimistic that only good things come your way.
    "My 2 cents worth"

  2. Remember Spike? This piece just reminds me of it(the dog). I really think that safety is one of those things. You know, those ones, the ones that we long for wherever we are yet deep down know that we will never find. Yeah, safety id definitely one of those things.

    Oh and rape is bad. (post thought)

  3. Aaaaah, Erique, not to hate, but that is literally worth two cents. Sijui you tell that to the raped in SA.
    And, we all need good neighbors. Nairobi is so stressful for me after living in small town Michigan where: I never lock my door, I leave my wallet in public places with no worry. Oh, and I can wear tiny shorts and go running in the evening without thinking of rape rates. In fact, move here Abi!

  4. Lol Abba, as you generally make my night.

    Abi, I feel relatively safe wherever there's a crowd. & by crowd I don't mean one full of random, scruffy guys with ominous glints in their eyes.(what's up with the messed up gender parity in this profession anyway?) More like your average high-street town crowd - think kimathi st., kenyatta ave. etc. Then, obviously, the time of day matters but the idea is to be in places where those retards won't have a chance to express themselves unashamedly. So considering relocation logistics etc etc, don't walk in solitude for now.
    As for armed robbers & the like, well, your life is worth more than anything else they can take.
    Also, get money. A lot of it. It always makes everything easier.

  5. I keep waiting for someone to say that the SA rape statistics are a typo surely. Thats a lot of rape!

  6. Safety and security are good and desirable, but ultimately, costly.

    So, pay the likes of G4S.