Saturday, February 5, 2011

The do-do's of doodoo.

1. Always check that there's tissue in the loo BEFORE you decide to do a number 2. #wisdominrhyme #jussayin :D

2. Always wait for at least 10 minutes after someone has offloaded before you go in for your turn. The seat is less warm - and thus less gross.

3. Don't get those annoyingly cloying air fresheners that just clog your nose up or make it run after the fact. Especially,don't spray it in the lav right before the guests show up,because even if you haven't just done a doodoo,it does look and smell like you did - and are trying to cover it up. AIN'T NO SHAME IN THE DOODOO GAME. :D

4. For Pete's sake,look behind you when you leave and do damage control if necessary.

5. Do drink lots of water to facilitate an easier transfer (LOL). Or not. I dunno.

6. Y'all have lots of babies to have a deeper understanding of our course material. Exes too.

7. Whistle while you work. Ha! Not really. What I meant to say is,maybe you shouldn't introduce your boyfriend to your dad,because that may land you in deep,deep doodoo. Next post...


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  1. Let me just add that after you've done a nuclear doodoo and if there's no air freshener about, just strike a matchstick and then put it off. Something in the sulphur absorbs aromas from the 'deposit', lol! Try it...

  2. Ha ha ha @Tamaku. And I like that you used for Pete's sake, even though no one's told me who Pete is. Now for this meeting of father and boy-who-happens-to-be-a-little-more-than-friendly...

    Ps the prude in me is sooooooo totally ignoring the doodoo topic.

  3. I have a grasp on the topic like when you need/want to go but the smell is just atomic yanni the predecessor of that doodoo should trademark or patent the doodoo you flush so many times that you; A. Consider filling a restraining order to the owner of the doodoo B. Hire GSU to guard your toilet C. Hope nyamabane visits your house soon D. Petition harpic to list you in their endorsement.

    The weird part is that they come in various shapes, texture and colours (living on a farm allows you to see some doodoo that aint right) and since am also ghetto i have this habit of leaving doodoo that can be smelt no matter how much you flush.

    Ps: sorry i grossed anyone out, psych you hate doodoo dont eat starve, i personally get to epiphanize when letting go (not the mog style)