Monday, February 21, 2011

The ones who got away.

My love life has been guided by a principles. First and foremost,yea,most auspicious of these :D is the firm and repeatedly proven belief that I can get pretty much any guy I want. Unfortunately,sometimes the guys I want refuse to get on board with my very nearly conclusive truth. :D

In class 7,one of my best friends was a girl called A. (this has a WHOLE other story behind it that I will get to in due time.) She was one of the popular girls; I was one of the random weird ones. We used to go to each other's houses. I knew her folks,she knew mine. She was very,very cool.

And she had a very,very fine brother,B. B was possibly the finest thing my 12 year old eyes had ever had the blessing to gaze upon. He was funny,and I've always been a sucker for dimples. The first thing he said to me was 'You know everyone hates you,right?' (I was the new girl. Sigh.) I should've seen from the get-go that it was never meant to be.

Then there was C. Dimples again. He was my girl's ex,from years back. She said it was ok if I made a move on him...after I spent an hour convincing her that it was ok... (The Ex Rule. Next post.) I got his number. Turned out he wasn't interested in chastity. My heart broke,and I kept his number for when something else breaks. :D

D. Dimples. Hmmm. Pattern? D is a certified whore. Mostly because he looks the way he does. I'm sure he can't help it. When I met D,he was really good friends with my girl,who was completely uninterested-to this day,something I don't understand. He stroked my ego like it was legend :D He even liked big girls! I wanted to do relatively impure things to his persona,but never got the chance. Don't exactly remember what happened there. He was kinda flaky,and probably had a girlfriend,and I probably got distracted by Mr. T. Or JavaGuy. Or someone.

And then...then I started working,and I met him. And he might be one of the ones who get away too.



  1. I usually waste my evenings reading your shy narcissisms! You are a special breed

  2. 'guided by...guiding principles'?! aki I want to disown you. But it's a good post.... :-D

  3. Enjoyed the easy humour.

  4. After ALL THESE YEARS!!!! You tell me now!!! You were one of the random, weird ones? Lol! :-D Loving it! :-D