Thursday, February 3, 2011

I'm a little teapot, short and stout...

I may have to leave work early today. I am bored. This is because I have been actually working. Wow. People with 'real' 9-5 jobs must be mad. Explains a lot.

Today's post is about the randm things in my head.
1. Dude. I'ma go all LaKwisha on you real quick. They made the Green Lantern white. Really? He was the last black (relevant-no one counts Froman or whatever his name was froom The Incredibles) superhero. We don't even have a black main love interest. Ryan Reynolds is fine and everything, but...really?

2. Speaking of main love interests. I have a problem with all of them. What happened to spine? Backbone? Brains? I was happy in Batman when Maggie Gyllenhall died. Not because she didn't impress me (she didn't) but also because it's nice when a film goes out of the norm (a la Megamind). The leading ladies are always simpering, weak, moderately witty but inevitably, bleagh. Is this who our - sorry, your - children are supposed to become?

3. Work. Oh my goodness. I should get married or something. This rat race thing is not for me. And there're people in the office having a meeting right in front of me and I can't multitask to save anyone's life, so this is...this is difficult.

4. Ah, Facebook quizzes. They still excite me. which Desperate Housewives Character are you?(I'm Susan. I always knew that. Except for the child part. Who has season 7?)

5. Should I go out today? I have work tomorrow...

6. Meeting still going on. Meeting @JnttNemo, @Nigmwa and @chichikimani later. Haven't had lunch...what'm I gonna order?

Wow. I'm going to stop now.

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  1. You had me at Little fat kettle. Tra ha. I bet i'm bree. Can see it now...