Wednesday, February 16, 2011


If there was suddenly a fire at the digz,and I had to grab things to leave,there would be a problem. Mostly because of what I wear to sleep. However,in descending order of importance,these are the first 5 things I would grab. Now,I sleep with a teddy bear,so that'd be automatic,first thing I'd get. And yes,I know they should just run,but I'm a material girl,I'm not leaving my sh** behind lol.

First thing I'd grab,especially if it was the only thing I could grab,would be MY PHONE. I have an intense attachment to every phone I've ever owned. They all have names. They all sleep right next to me. I see y'all saying that explains a lot,radiation. :D My phones have seen me through many a dark,lonely night :D and I would never leave em/it behind.

Number 2,laptop. And cable,this is 2-in-1,lol. Too many movies I ain't watched yet. :D Plus there's an attachment there too.

Third would be the bag that my cousin @arungaian made me. It has The Mask on the back,handcrafted,because that's how I roll. :D So now you see the bag would be somewhere to put the other stuff. Convenient,right? That's what I said. Plus,it'd probs have my wallet in it already. See that? See that? *taps temple* Genius. :D

4th,my bras. Jus coz underwear isn't as important. And any clothes I could stuff in. Actually clothes would be 5th. Before that I'd grab my poetry books. And my pretty unused notebooks. Am I the only one who does that? Just collect stationary because you can,right now you're using notebooks you've been waiting to use for 2 and a half years? No? Ok. :o)

What'd you carry?



  1. Earrings! That fire would see my wrath if it burnt my earrings! Dawa ya moto ni moto and all that!

  2. Phone watch wallet ipod chain laptop... gone!

  3. 1]Phone 2]Laptop - I call it Affinity, and then Kaplow! I'd be gone. No need to go past number 2.
    Needless to say I sleep fully clothed cz of a fire incident I had back in 2005.

  4. 1)Clothes!!!@ least 5 dresses &earrings
    2)Shoes...leather boots, 2 pairs of heels and a pair of loafer/TOMS...too much money spent there
    3)Laptop into snoopy bag made by @arungaian
    4)Folder with my passport, I-20 and other trveling documents
    Note, I leave my phone behind:)

  5. Abba, you guy that fire isn't waiting for you... :-D

    Eeem, phone of course, and shooooeeeeeeees! and a DKNY bag, and two flowery dresses..reasoning: I can contact a hot man, wear nice shoes and dress when i meet him for two dates, get married and replace my wardrobe!

  6. my phone as it sleeps under my pillow. any cloth nearby to cover myself. yes im a stark naked sleeper.nice blog

  7. Wiselar, hahahaha.

    Photos; all the portraits on the walls and the albums... for the simple reason- I will never be young again :)