Friday, January 21, 2011

The Other Man

This has never really happened to me till now (or my goldfish memory is working overtime). My girlfriends are always talking about how right when they get into relationships is when all these guys start stepping to you. Nope,never me. In fact,usually,I never even notice other guys. He put a ring on it. I like my ring. But now...

I keep meeting these guys who are pretty cool. It irritates me because I'm wondering where the heck they were 3 months ago,when I was single and searching (footloose and fancy-free. Young and restless. Knots Landing.) But there's this one in particular...let's call him Shark.

Shark is appealing. And attractive. He's muscly,and cute,and funny,and witty,and dangerous (if you couldn't tell from the pseudonym). I enjoy talking to him. We can talk for hours. He lives around,so sometimes we chill. He laughs at my jokes. (see? Dangerous.) He walks me home. He keeps a respectful distance because he knows about Mr M. We have a fun friendship.

And he wants me.

I told him I have Mr M. I bring him up constantly in conversation. But Shark's ignoring me. He's probably just biding his time,waiting for us to break up or for me to slip up. He pushes the boundaries further and further everytime we meet up. I know I'm not going to do anything,and I've told him as much,but am I a terrible girlfriend for staying friends with him? He's a cool person. I mean,Mr M is Airtel,the amazing network that I will probably never leave who dishes out great loving. *Barry White voice* Shark is Yu-the afterthought who's a possibility if the main network messes up.

Which is not the best of situations. It seems almost mean to still have options when you're in a relationship. And he's not really an option. He's an if-I-wasn't-taken,maybe. That's ok...right?



  1. hahahahaha! ..if-I.wasn't-taken,maybe..I LOVE it!! Mr. M best watch out ;)

  2. You so know my take on this one :-)

  3. options. he he he. keep the boy on his toes perhaps?! actually, that's really bad advice. scratch that. and if-i-wasn't-taken maybe means a bit too much...tell the boy you are taken. period. be the one that got away, and secretly know that someone will always be thinking of you. x x x

  4. the old adage "a bird in hand is worth more than two in the bush' i have to admit you are in a precarious situation,even vexing i dare say!
    How you will forge forward promises an interesting read!

  5. Angel,if this jamaa has no respect 4 Mr.M,then how daz he expect u 2 respect him.I mean,hiz got 2 hav love 4 th pple who were i ua life b4 he showd up.And nw tht he'z got other mathematics in his book wit u,erase all the answers in the marking scheme.