Thursday, January 6, 2011

Get your act right.

@abbakidenda and I were having one of our deep conversations-we do this ALL the time,Miles Davis was even playing in the background,lol-and we got to talking about 4 groups of people who annoy us most. Naturally my reaction was 'I should totally blog about this!' So I am. :o) and yeah,I get that these people probably have deep psychological problems that are the root cause of their various conditions. Sorry,still over it.

Remember the fool in high school who had been everywhere,done everything and always had a bigger story than yours to tell? (much like Tyra. Woman can't let people tell their own damn stories.) Nothing is more irritating than a pathological liar. Especially when they get busted. Especially when they continue to lie even after they're busted! Why do these people feel like they have to do it? I get lying to your parents lol but why the unnecessary ones like to your friends? Or people who were at that party that you claim you were at? No you did not take a picture with that celebrity. Did you do your hair last night just so you could say you were at some runway show yesternight? S. M. H.

Alcoholics. OVER IT. Why. Why why why. I can get liking the taste. Ok I'm lying,I really can't,to me alcohol tastes awful. So I guess the feeling is addictive? Whatever the reason,when it crosses the line of social drinking or drinking at the rave to everyday can't-function-without-it ruining-your-life and wasting your money,it's dangerous. Even more so when you refuse to acknowledge that you have a problem,repeatedly,and thus continue to spiral. If there is blood in your alcohol and you are a hazard to yourself and society,you cannot keep blaming whatever you're blaming (ha!) for your flask fetish. YOU HAVE A PROBLEM. Stop burying your head in the sand and grow the f* up-your problems aren't going to be dealt with like that.

I do like whores. I mostly support all types. I don't see the problem with making an adult decision with what you're doing with your Lil Missy/Junior. However. When it becomes irresponsible,I have a problem with it. Yeah,I'm judging. *shrug* Stop acting ignorant like cow dung never hits fans,because that's-well,cow dung. Do you really think something nasty isn't going to get to you? Or that all sex is love? How many people do you think you're going to sleep with when your nethers look like they've been corroded by acid? Uh huh. That's what I thought. Play the field,but for the love of Pete,play it safe.

*sigh* perenially suicidal folk. Yeah,I said it. You're not going to do it if you've been telling everyone about it for 6 months. (although yeah,pay attention,it's a cry for help) But honestly,it's selfish to put that on someone else,especially when it goes on...and on...and on. Emotional turmoil,the end.

The people that nearly made the list are The Pimp,who thinks that all women want him and his lines are fresh,and The Person Who's Always Late. WTF? Have you no watch? GRRRR.

Am I being too harsh?



  1. and all God's people said..AMEN!


    I love you
    and i shall say that in every post you make until the day you bore me.

  3. "I'll be there in the morning"
    "So when are we meeting?"

  4. The image/word verification thing just made me write "feccons"

    SMH (so much hotnessity)

  5. And the next one was "shogr"


  6. easy on the whores. they gotta eat. :o)

  7. play the field. yes go find more of what is right around you.
    that story just never gets old.