Sunday, January 16, 2011

A case for typewriters

In my head: Me and Mr. Jones-Amy Winehouse. Kwanza that first line.

Back in the simple days,typewriters were used. None of this blogging-Twitter-viruses nonsense existed. All you needed was a ribbon,and some ink. (who's read Misery by Stephen King? Ribbon,ink,blood,potato potato...)

Nowadays,I need a freakin computer science degree to understand Drumsticks. Viruses? Why? Has she been sleeping around? No? Then...why? Is there a cure? Yes? It costs how much? But no flash disks have been in her port? Sigh. The circular arguments drive me mad. :o(

Why isn't the world of technological know-how simpler? I know I sound 36-hehe-but honestly. I feel like I'm rapidly approaching that awful stage where the last time you heard the word ram was on a nature trail. Today I was looking for an application I downloaded when I was using wireless for the first was nowhere to be seen. I frantically called everyone I knew who'd ever been near a computer. They all told me different things. Laptops are such temperamental unnecessarily delicate things. Nothing like Nokias. Why is there always a different solution? Kwani they're human? Anyway. I was told I may-or may not-have a virus. So I'm like but I have Microsoft Security Essentials. Which,apparently,is bullshit. Go figure.

I'm not too good with challenges and all that nonsense. I like comfort zones,I like easy things,and most of all,I like sleep. So unless it has something to do with freebies or Latino men,count me out if it involves effort. Computers involve neither,but all of a sudden I'm rudely shoved into a world where I need them? Kinda sucks. Especially when I could be doing other useful,constructive things. I need money to pay people stupid sums to do this stuff. It doesn't make me feel smart. Math,makes me feel smart. Computers make me feel ungainly,in an adolescent sort of way.

Maybe it's a good thing that Murphy's Law decided to toy with me. It could be much worse. Cheeseburgers could go extinct. Calvin and Hobbes could never have been created. Denzel could have an asymmetrical face. Who knows. *shrug* Screw typewriters. Pen and paper,anyone? Power of the PEN,not the DOT MATRIX PRINTER,DAMNIT!



  1. pen and paper, pen and paper (though it has to be fancy paper...snobbery in every sphere of life and all that!) x

  2. so there is this interesting set of books which come in series of "____ for dummies" fill in the blank with anything you can think of i recently acquired one, only to realize a dummy had written the book. All in all tech should make life easy but seems like its getting more complex.

    Ps. While we are on the subject if comps are she does that make men the type writers

  3. Interesting thoughts,y'all. Spankme. Lol.