Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Number 3.

I once dated this guy. It was for all of two months,and ended because apparently he cheated on me. (later I discovered that he didn't. But that's another story) We were in primary school together. He was the guy who I always wished I was better friends with. We did start talking at some point,but we rolled with different crowds so nothing really happened outside math class. I remember watching him dance at Leaver's Bash and wondering how different he was from the quiet guy I knew,which just made him even cooler. Especially because he was a good dancer.

I also remember his dad dying when we were in class 8. By then we were in different classes,so my class didn't go for his funeral. I remember him losing weight. He went from chubby to lean in all of a month.

We went to different high schools as well. I would always send my friends to say hi to him. He rarely said hi back,though. After high school,I met him at 20th randomly one day and we hit it off again...his smile was still as entrancing as it had always been. We would take long walks and pretend to be watching Lord of the Rings,and on that New Year's Eve,I had someone to kiss who didn't want me to go home.

After we broke up,I stopped talking to him. It hurt,and I was joining uni,and I met someone else,so I just...stopped. I deleted his number,but I knew it by heart. Then maybe a year later,his mom died. I called him to offer my condolences. He avoided the topic like he was fine,so we pretended he was fine and didn't talk about it.

Another year passed. I met him at the club,drunk,saying he was sorry for everything he'd ever done to me. We made out. It was the same,it was different,but still magic. The next day I found out he still had a girlfriend,and confronted him about it. We started talking again. Three weeks later,he died. At his funeral,I didn't look at his girlfriend. The stupid pastors kept telling his sister that she would not die,that they would pray and lift the devil's hand from her family. I wanted to set them on fire,if only to bring him back.

Do you believe in Fate? Love? Curses?



  1. Sad story.
    I personally don't believe in fate. I believe in choice and circumstance.
    I don't know whether I believe in love.

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  3. Do you believe in curses? Like what happened to his family, slowly being whittled away?

  4. Anything that you believe in manifests itself in the real world. A man creates his own reality. If you believe in curses then you are cursed. Sad story about this family, quite sad indeed but they also say bad things come in threes so really if you are superstitious or even a little stitious then you know the girlfriend is safe. I just think they had a horrible horrible run in with Murphy.

  5. I don't believe in curses either. Tragedies occur in all our lives but we tend to have this feeling of "why me?" In the end we are all in the same boat.

  6. Michael. I don't know if that was supposed to make me laugh. But that made me laugh. Lol. That makes sense though.

  7. WOAH! Do you remember that lesson you always dreaded learning in school? Not because it was hard but coz you were afraid of what you would learn or afraid of WHAT you would learn (especaially about yourself). A lot of truth is said ingest.

  8. babe! this is heavy stuff, hope you're ok.

    I guess we spend so much time trying to make sense of difficult situations, when in reality, we are not so much built to understand them as opposed to withstand them. I guess your friend's sister will be better served by focusing on getting up each morning, and living a life worthy of mention. And her friends be there for her. Heavy stuff x

  9. I don't believe in curses. People die. Some alone, some together, some in sequence, some at random. Coincidences exist... and life itself is one large coincidence.

    I'm with you on burning those pastors, reminds me of my mum who looks up and asks God why he confined my brother to a wheelchair, and it sucks even more when I think I used to participate in the prayers to "rid" us of the generational curse or to forgive us for our ancestors' sins.

    I don't think it matters what the pastors or anyone said though, I think his sister would rather be dead than alive. What she needs is someone other than a Christian bigot to address those issues. Great post.

  10. Hey babe,
    I feel you on this. I have learnt not to believe in curses/ fate/ bad luck or whatever you want to call it. It happens cause it happens. The best we can do is move on, celebrate the good past and ...move on.

  11. theres something so.. about this post, i dont know if its the matter of fact dying, the apology and death, hm...