Tuesday, January 11, 2011

How tSN became a part of the Rat Race. 2.

So having betrayed the entire afro-rebel society in one swift brush stroke,I left the house with my cavalier attitude in tow and a distinct uncertainty regarding my future. You must realize,these brush strokes were not enough to make me blend in with the part of society that makes an effort. They were merely enough to make me look...windswept. Ha. Like I left the house neat but the elements,especially that of surprise,absconded with my well-put-together look.

The matatu,of course,was smelly,and then,of course,got stuck in traffic. This was a problem for several reasons. *rewind* I had half a cup of tea,a slice of bread and a slice of mango as I left the digz. This is NOT sufficient fare for one looking to conquer the world,get a job etc. So I was hungry by the time I got to the interview. Which meant my stomach could start rumbling at any given point. Two,since there was *barely any* no food in my stomach,there was plenty of air. When I get nervous,I get flatulent. Do the math. Three,when I get nervous,I ramble,and offer needless,senseless and continuous information;about myself,about the weather,about the interview,about my Uncle Michael who once lived in Scotland and happened to spot the Loch Ness get the drift. So rumbling,rambling,and gassy. *forward to matatu ride* In a matatu. Stuck in traffic. Late because of a non-existent breakfast. It was a morning made in heaven.

When I got off the jav,it was 9:03. I was supposed to be there at 9. The way I figured it,I had a 10 minute window of opportunity before I started looking bad,so I proceeded to run *walk very fast* In short,praise Whoever's In Charge for African timing,because I got there before anyone of authority showed up to take us to where we were supposed to go.

This (brush? :D) stroke of luck must've been induced by the prayers of Mr.M. before this interview. You see,he's a praying man,well acquainted with Whoever's In Charge. Fortunately for me,you see,because all things were working for my good. And will hopefully continue to do part 3.



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  1. I know what's gonna la la la la la la!

  2. So, did you know who Wilbrod Slaa is?

  3. OMG! No! You were there??! @boyfulani

    @Miki iko kwa jam inakam. :o)

    @BWTB lol. No you don't. :o)

  4. "So having betrayed the entire afro-rebel society in one swift brush stroke"...hahahaha! :-D Dont worry the society is not only about the hair! Hilarious read!