Thursday, January 13, 2011

How tSN became know the drill aka who the eff is Mengo??

Maybe,just maybe,I'm shallow. I mean,I was looking at the other candidates like pahahahaha,you have nothing on me. But honestly,not everyone-in fact,no one-walks about with IQs taped to their foreheads. So I was judging-yes,judging-based purely on how they look. Does this make me shallow-or perceptive? Aha! Potato? Potato?

One sharp-witted lass came to the interview garbed in jeans and a bright purple exhibition top. *sheathing my claws now* She was the only other lass in flat shoes. I wasn't sure if that bode badly on the impression I was giving. *shrug* Desiderata: There will always be greater and lesser personns than yourself. Everyone else-or rather,the ones I saw,looked to be of sub-standard aptitude...which was important,right? Seeing as it was an aptitude test. Ok,now,for real,I'm-mostly-done being catty.

The offices were impressive. We were called into the conference room where a jovial supervisor handed us the test. And for the next 1 and a half hours,that's what we did. Now. Fantastically for me,most of it-indeed,three quarters of it-was grammar. My forte.

UNFORTUNATELY. There was a current affairs section as well. I am the first to admit that my blondness knows NO BOUNDS when it comes to current affairs. I am the first also to see the irony in this. Anyway. After the test I was assured that I was not being blonde,most people who are on that current affairs ish didn't know either. I hope there were several like me who also wrote that David Rudisha broke a Usain Bolt record,because honestly I could've SWORN I've heard @Nigmwa say that...

To be fair,though. How many of you know who Mengo is? Or Wilbrod Slaa (a quick second went by when I thought they were talking about Wilbroda,and maybe that's her full name...or summat)? Jean-Pierre Bombo? Robert Gates? Well,I didn't. I mean really,why can't they ask something like what do Bruno Mars and Whitney have in common? Those questions are biased. That's my story. I'm sticking to it.


  1. I don't know who Mengo is but I know where Mengo is - read about it in Barbara Kimenye's The Bewitching Of Damieno ... Dont sweat the small stuff, my guess is that the general knowledge was not necessarily for the answers but maybe to check how you'd react under pressure...shameless panel musta prolly googled the questions (or the answers working backwards to the questions) that very morning!

    Part 4!

  2. ROTFL.....

    Who or what is Mengo? And hahahahaha I don't discuss sports, ofcourse unless Rudisha signs a deal with Dolce & Gabbana.