Saturday, January 15, 2011

Like a virgin

This rare and unusual state often allows for much random and sometimes naive thinking. Forgive my innocence and confusion for future posts.

There are some things I wonder about the whole sex thing. For one,sex isn't really that serious. Perhaps I only think this because I speak from the other side of the divide. My point is,if you absolutely had to do without it,you wouldn't die. Lack of action is not a terminal disease. So why the heck do people act like it is? Smh. Ok,I think that it shouldn't be the make or break factor in relationships,which it too often is.

On the other hand,sex is kinda serious. Especially for chicks who are practically incapable of emotional detachment unless they're trying really,really hard. So if it's serious,all the more reason to wait,right? And if it's not that serious,all the more reason to not have to have a reason to not have to be doing it...right?

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  1. Sex is a basic need... Period! N' very little if anything is being done to encourage people to have lots of it