Saturday, May 28, 2011


Pebbles and I were having lunch at Ankara,you know,the place behind City Hall. That place was recommended to me by @Reumac (he of the fabulous photo shoot),and I fell in love with the prices. The thing is,don't do the thing where you overprice your food but the quality is shit. I need the quality,quantity and price to correlate,you know? There needs to be a method to the madness. (Greenview. Damn b*s.) So the prices at Ankara are pocket-friendly,and the food matches. It's not gourmet,but it's not crap,either. (ok,I need to not cuss so much. Too much Real Housewives of Atlanta.)

We walk into Ankara and get into the cute lil booth in the corner. First surprise was oh look. They've changed the prices. I roll my eyes,and I was like,typical. But the food is still gonna be the same,innit. I bet it is. I bet it is! Pebbles and I ordered. I had what I always have,the chicken pizza and a coke. (The menu is really boring. As is expected,though,not everywhere can have an attractive menu like Books First. But that place has yuck food,so.) Pebbles wants the AllMix and a Fanta Orange. We wait,and talk. She keeps looking at her phone,and I'm like woman. Who are you texting? She's like my looooooveeeeeer lol. She's into some guy. Like,really into. They're texting all the time and shii. I'm waiting to see where it's going.

Meanwhile,the chicken pizza comes. It's tamu,but the other one isn't here. We start on the first one. We finish. Still nothing. She's still texting and smiling. I'm getting pissed because the other pizza STILL hasn't come. I'm like screw this,let's pay for one pizza and bounce. 2 different waiters come and apologize,but STILL. NO. PIZZA.

So clearly,the prices went up and the service went down. How do you bring HALF an order? DaMAGE. Don't mess with my food,heifer. Don't do it. It AIN'T RIGHT. Pebbles is beginning to look pissed too. I'm like what? She's like he's not replying my texts. I say well what did you say? She shows me. It reads something like I wanna -blankblankblank- with your -blank- and then we should -blanketyblank. I was shocked like HE'S NOT REPLYING THAT? Heck,*I* would reply that even if it wasn't to me! We laugh,pay the bill and leave. So today's rules: don't mess with my food. I'm probs not going back to Ankara again. B,don't not reply a chex text,coz there may not be a next text...



  1. They did that? Yikes, now I have to search out another place to be having my affordable yet tasty lunches in town. Awww shucks.

  2. @B_WTB Tryna be discreet and reading too much Slim jackson. LOL.


  3. Note to self; cross Ankara from list of potential restaurants to visit

  4. I someone sent me a text like that I would wonder why the self-editing. Just tell me what the blank you want to do my blank already.

  5. Service fail. Messing with a woman's food is a dangerous proposition.