Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The first picture EVER. As I welcome the stalkers. Hehe.

Today's post was inspired by the one and only CAKE BETCH. (see? You inspire me. Hehe.) When nominating me for this award, she claimed narcissist's should probably have lots of pictures of themselves on their websites. She has a point, but dude...I'm now? Lol. Either way, I stepped up to the plate. Teren teren. This is a pic from one of my favorite photographers. Find the rest of this shoot here, and his AWWWWEZUM blog here.



  1. mmmhhh

    I've always wondered how you look like
    at some point i was convinced you're totally bald

    When i need a photo shoot i'll give you a call

  2. teehee...would say narcissism much, but the god of obvious would probably strike me with lightning. Loving you...BABIES!!

    ION, hi Cake Betch if you read this...need to follow your blog in a way that doesn't involve FB. Any ideas?! Ok...going now.


  3. Glad to put a face to the er.. rant! :)

    lovely photo.

  4. Yay! The Shy Narcissist is unmasked! I love it :-) The photoshoot is super cute too. The first picture in his batch (with Kylie) is my favorite though. Your face looks so serene.

  5. @Dexxe asante sana :o)

    @CB I'm a serene kind of-nah, I'm lying. :o)

  6. Finally! Me like. Check out

  7. you know i was totally convinced that you were that chick on changing times with short hair...sigh!