Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Huge Animal.

2 things before launch:

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So,my mother is hilarious and completely ridiculous. I am convinced that in a parallel universe,she is a stand up comedienne making big money making fun of other people. She is the single undiscovered comic genius of this century. (runs in the family. :D)

The other day we were watching Capital Talk. Rannenberger (sp) and Ruth are on. Mom watches the entire interview,then shakes her head when it's over.

"What?" I ask,curious as to the reason for her disapproval.

"I mean,look at that. Why in the world is she with that old man?"

"Oh come on,Mom. She's not that old."

"Yeah,whatever. Kenyan women are just desperate."

I was agape at this point. "But...but...maybe they're in love."

Mom scoffs. "Love? Please. Love is just a huge animal."

Très confused,I say, "A...what?"

"Love is a huge animal. When it's in front of people,they think it's such a big deal. They can't see around it,can't see anything but the animal and forget the mountain behind it. There's so much more to life,and they only realize that it's not a reasonable thing to live for when it moves."




  1. spoken like a true about 'calling it what 'it' is'

  2. hahaha that's what's up. and if it runs in the family, how can she be the single undiscovered comic genius of this century? unless, you know, ya'll were born a century apart? :p

  3. there's so much what?! more you mean?! ooooh, yeah...totally see that! Tell Pet I said howzit, hope she's riding pretty (literally...please do!).

    ION, yeeeiy for all the other things :-D

  4. Hey! first, just to make myself clear, my comment is not about Rannenberger and Ruth as I did not watch the show so I know nothing about her that would justify a comment on her. But to echo your mom, I believe that once a man is past a certain age, and a woman below a certain age, then they are in it for just two reasons. The man for the ego and the woman for the money and comfort. Again, maybe I am wrong. Appreciating your blog.

  5. @B_WTB Sigh. T9. Lol. I will. Waiting on your mom...

    @OH (hehe) hmmmm...I like to give them the benefit of the doubt. But sometimes the benefit does not want to be given lol

    @YMM Thank you. :o)

    @LKP Well if you're going to sijui chambua it sheesh lol

    @lizdin @Michael right??!!

  6. She Lawyered that point!

  7. I like the big animal part he he he.

    I love the Ruth+Ranne couple. They seem happy and that's important

  8. @dboy she's a wise one that one. :o)

    @Viv Yup.