Monday, May 23, 2011


Today, I was on my way to Cake Hut in Nairobi West. I passed by Mr Price when I was heading to Afya Centre,and decided to kill a little time browsing through their overpriced aisles.

Now,I hate shopping. I hate going through everything,getting them,standing the in the sun if need be,never finding shoes that fit (I'm a size 8,and Bata is a lie.)...the whole process drains me. So me window shopping was a definite sign that maybe the world didn't end,but an alien ship abducted JUST me and replaced me with one of the women from Real Housewives of Atlanta. Consider this a Wanted ad for a Personal Shopper in about 3 years.

So after walking through the aisles that sell a plain-colored tee for a k and whose version of a discount is a k2,I have thus affirmed that a,I'm definitely a cheapskate ie Kenyan,and b,I will probably never shop at Mr Price. Why? Because Mr Price should be named Mr Pricey. The irony is that,it's supposedly a cheap store in SA. Well,Dorothy,this isn't Kansas OR SA. Dude! Unless there's a sale,that place is NOT a plan for my wallet and I.

Even deeper than the deep contempt I felt for the saleslady who didn't know whether they had these really cute heels in size 9 is the sense of disturbance I feel everytime I go shopping. Why is there nothing that an average person can afford? Nothing firsthand,anyway. I mean,either you go secondhand or you go bankrupt,if you're the typical Kenyan female. The firsthand stuff is too expensive or too shiny (think exhibitions). My friend bought a custom-made jacket from a Kenyan designer. It was fabulous,but it was 3k5. I am not spending 3k5 on a jacket. I'ma go buy 2 shawls for 300 next to Fire Station and get warm with that. Damn. I wish someone would open up a store that sells good stuff cheap,because I know for a fact you can have both. When I'm rich,I'm gonna open a store that does that,even if I make a loss,because people should be able to buy good quality clothes. That,and a place to eat in town with the quality and ambience of Java,the customer service of Sierra and the prices of Kenchic, because people should have a healthier alternative to fries every damn day. Come on,now. It's food. A basic need. In fact,there's a couple of things that should just be free. Like toilet paper. I have a friend who doesn't buy toilet paper. Every time she goes to a restaurant,she just takes a roll. This is not me. (disclaimer. Lol.) I actually know this girl. Is this aiding and abetting?

So yeah,sure,I'll go to Secrets and buy a bra for 5k,but it better be gold-plated and be able to drive. Shiiiii.



  1. Shiiiiii. It should be able to bring me lunch too :-D

  2. I love Mr. Price. They have shoes in size 5 and silver, they have the cutest candles and have the most exquisite candle holders. You're probably going to the wrong Mr.Price. Try the one at Yaya and junction. Shiiiii

  3. XD.
    "Mr. Price should be named Mr.Pricey" killed me.
    and that toilet paper thing!you're making cheap people look so, err, cheap. We're cheap with class ala! lmao.

  4. GIRL, who needs clothes? It doesn't get that cold in Kenya does it?? :-D

  5. Maybe the 5k bra is ok though...cause surely it will attract someone who can gold plate it, and drive?! No..? Ok. No. I'm walking away from you toilet paper thieves.

  6. @reumac RIGHT!???!

    @Viv See, says the size 5 chick. WHAT ABOUT US??? *wails* I am here to tell you that they don't really care about us!!!!

    @Dan Cheap with class...erm...uh huh. :o)

    @CB Well...I mean I'm ALL for baring it all, but not the jail bit lol

    @BWTB No. Who? Where? I DO NOT. *ahem*

  7. shiiii it should also give you a full body massage whenever you get tired :)

  8. Eish. 5k? Will it make my boobs better without plastic surgery, for life? Otherwise, sitaki.

    Meanwhile, TP thieves.. hapana. No. Kataa hio.

  9. Hahaha...5k?Maybe if it'll do all my projects...
    As for the TP thief...XD

  10. @woozie hehehe

    @akenyangirl Hey. It happens. lol.

    @hahahaha It MIGHT!!! It just MIGHT!!!

  11. you are very creative and observant. I am proud that we share the same blood. genius in the making. kenyans are over-charged, i agree. when we get rich we will open a cheap good quality store. maybe call it Max500 ie nothing over 500.00?

  12. Same blood and you're not leaving your name?? YAWA!!! Lol. I totes agree!! Max500!!!! LET'S GET RICH!!!

  13. At least am not alone in this broke side of the world

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