Friday, May 6, 2011

This weekend, save a mother's life.

So, this is basically a copy-paste off the site indicated at the bottom. Medical students are looking to change the world. :o) Have a read.

Medics Against Maternal Mortality (MAMM)
"No mother should lose their life, giving life."



Every woman in Kenya has a 1 in 39 chance that she will die of a pregnancy related cause. The maternal mortality rate in Kenya is estimated at 488 women/ 100,000 live births. That means every year we lose 7,000 mothers. They leave behind orphans, broken families and scarred communities. The worst part is that the rate of maternal deaths has not significantly reduced since 1990. This is despite the fact that these deaths are largely preventable.

Something is terribly wrong.

Needless deaths can be prevented to protect the future of our country. These women can be saved. These women; your sister, your mother, your cousin; do not have to die.

We are a group of fourth year medical students from the University of Nairobi and this Mothers’ day we are on a campaign to ensure that no woman in our immediate area of Nairobi dies of pregnancy related causes.


-To create awareness the high rate of maternal mortality in Kenya, highlighting how we can all participate in its reduction.
-To use the Three Levels of Delay model as our plan for intervention.
-To involve stakeholders concerned with carrying on the cause for long-term reduction of the maternal mortality rate nationwide.


These will be organised around the Three Levels of Delay that contribute to maternal deaths:

-Decision-making: We want to create awareness that pregnancy related deaths can and should be prevented. The channels to be used include: electronic and print media, the internet, posters, religious groups and influential persons. The campaign for awareness will climax on May 7-8th.

-Distance: Many pregnant women struggle to reach health facilities in good time. We want to encourage those working in the transport industry to provide due assistance, if possible, free of charge. Our target will be touts and drivers who ply routes along centres for maternal care like KNH, Pumwani and Mbagathi hospitals. We will give them t-shirts and stickers bearing the slogan of the campaign.

-Delivery of care: We will mobilize all interested volunteers and distribute ourselves to the labour wards of various health facilities in Nairobi. From 4pm on 7th May to 4pm on 8th May, we will be assisting the health workers in whatever way necessary.

You can be involved. You can be part of the change that our country so desperately needs. Help us help Kenya. Help us help you.

Please leave us a comment, or sign up to volunteer on the form below (ed. note on the site, not here). You may also contact us for more information on:

Tel: 0725883864, 0725670555




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