Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Can you believe it? This is my hundredth blog post. I never thought I'd get this far...*tears* I'm sure you all know that isn't true. :o)

So, in honour of this auspicious occasion...hehe...I got a blogging award! I'm kinda uberexcited. Do YOU have a blogging award? No? That's what I thought. Hehe. (Sorry, I'm kind of giddy today, readers. Long story about taking drugs before breakfast)

I got a blogging award from a blog I just started reading. The planets aligned *blablabla* anyhue, this blog is called The Hot Mess Chronicles. Find her here.

And so...the award! (and also, the first picture EVER on my blog. Go figure. :o)

What happens is, I'm supposed to nominate 10 blogs that I find inspirational, and they in turn pass on the award (yeah! An idea for your next post! :o) I hope they don't mean just the Chicken Soup kind of inspiration, because some blogs inspire me to go out and be a college student or hate on Mubarak or be really cool. Can I nominate myself? Hm. Do I even read 10 blogs total? Let's see. :o)

1. Who should get this spot? *ponders* Well. The first blog that comes to mind is this unconsciously (or consciously, I dunno) hilarious man. His underhanded wit is supreme. His palaver is acerbic. The priceless. His words make love to you across the keyboards. I really want his wordbabies. He makes me want a better...woman. Lol. This is Antony.

2. If I were a woman, I'd try and do this girl. Oh...wait. Hehe. She won't let me, but I really would. She's pretty darn fantastic, as is her blog. And Luo expressions fall from her lips like honey. Wonder what else her lips can do?...*lifting crane holding mind out from the gutter* BWTB.

3. Sigh. Another woman I should have mindsex with. (we have. She just doesn't know about that particular parallel universe called insobriety *chuckles*) Unfortunately, she has a thing for Jon Stewart. Anne.

4. So, this man is even better in person. Yes, people, I finally got my milkshake. Wrestled him to the ground and stuff. I may be officially starstruck. My favorite thing about this blog is the fact that you subscribed for a story, and that's exactly what you get. Some of the expressions...gotta love em. He's a bit lengthy *pause* but it's totes worth it. Biko.

5. This girl #WINS for her pictures. I'd stop going to school if I could take pictures that looked like this. Ah, but for parents that exist only to cut your modelling career short...this girl has vision. And style. And a dream. If that's not inspiration, I don't know what is. Well, I do. That's why she's on here. Duh. Thogi.

6. (This picking out blogs thing is much harder than it looks.) I used to be a fan of rhyme, then I switched to a more free verse kinda thing, but this boy makes me like rhyme again. If only he wasn't so annoying. HA! :o) Michael.

7. Another one whose words I love. How she puts them together amazes me every time. Deepness galore, and all that. Claudette.

8. Random humor and mostly unnecessary anecdotes with morals completely unrelated to the story at hand...but I love him still. :o) Sammy.

9. The Real Slim Sh- uh, Jackson. I've been reading him from Three Ways To Take It, to Single Black Male, to here, and he's...all by himseeelf...and lovin it!

10. It's my blog. I can do what I want to. And thus...I nominate myself. :D This girl is just awesome. How she manages a balance between decency and tongue-in-cheek (and/or other places) wisdom is a constant source of admiration for me. Her words are simple. Her delivery is flawless. She's grown so much, come so far, done so much, since this blog begun with that 11 line poem. Who knew that it would evolve to this. To you, reading this line right now. Golly, I love her. Definitely one of my favorite bloggers of all time.

No, really? What'd you expect? Narcissism, bitches. YEAH.




  1. he he he. I love your blog. give me some tips on improving mine

    I second your(s) and Biko nominations#addicted

  2. Subscribing to all mentioned as I speak this comment inside this box

  3. so where's the link to blog number 10? :o) Congratulations on making it to 100 posts btw.. Keep them coming. *pops champagne* oh, this is mine not yours. :-)

    oh and thanks for the mention.

  4. TOTES!!!!!And I have changed your life forever:-D

  5. Great write up, ma'am.
    got the link right from twitter... ;-)
    Nice nominations too

  6. This blog makes my day everyday, and kudos on getting to 100 posts! some of us are getting there gradually:)

  7. I would say inspiration, but we already have problems with door designs and your lollipop shape! Good one is awesome, as are all the blogs mentioned here (all on my RSS!)

  8. ps. Bloggers mentioned, y'all are supposed to do the same thing on your blogs. :o)

    @BWTB With my...wa. Lap dances all round?

    @D.od Thanks so much for reading. :o)

    @Villager that's the way :o) :o)

    @Abba BELIEVE IT!!! LOL

    @Michael yeah yeah yeah. Lol.

    @Dexxe cheers. :o)

    @Vivacious will take a look-see...

  9. @Viv it says your blog doesn't exist...

  10. As I quickly scrolled to make SURE I'm on the list before reading! You narrowly escaped a beating woman, lol! :-) 100 posts, damn! And all 87 in the past 12 weeks, lol, wa! poverty is great inspiration,lol! :-D Kudos babe, each one has been an awesome read and I know it's only getting better! A very nice selection on here, as I check em ut. And most definately, narcissism, bitches! ;-D