Thursday, April 21, 2011

Why breakups are awkward, 5.

Or being dumped/dumping,depending on what's awkward or not for you...

Forget forgetting. What's even worse is not getting. Your regular booty supply stops. You join the ranks of they who get girls drunk to chips funga/have to actually throw game to get action/blind online dating/going back to old squeezes because adding a number is just not happening/and possibly,even,self-service. It's hard out there when you're not getting any.


So don't break up. It's unhealthy for your psychological and physiological well being,as is clearly outlined in this conclusive series. In the words of Lyfe Jennings (He would-should-know,right? His name is Lyfe,for Lyfe's-um,Pete's,sake) Let's...stay...together... (until at least we find a replacement/nicer way to break it off. Ooooh,not like that,naughty.)


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