Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Justin Timberlake,bitches.

Greenview had a fire today.

With any luck,it's burnt down completely to mere nothingness. Funny is that there's a fire (hopefully no one got hurt). Hilarious would be if the juice they fed me was incombustible and stood tall amidst the ashes in its ka-mtungi. I'd believe it.

I'm on karma's side,really. And clearly,mind-ninis for visualize-and-it'll-happen believe-you-can-achieve moving-things-with-your-mind-a-la-Matilda actually work.

This morning is turning out just dandy. :o) :o)



Ps. If you missed Vagina Monologues,there's another one on Thursday. 730pm,Carnivore,5 sock.


  1. So u do a blogspot on how u hate my favourite joint n now there is a fire............who did you pay and how much?

  2. @Icon Yes. But is wishing evil on evoil really hateration, or bringing like-minded souls together?...

    @Anon Please believe. Kwanza I only did the job halfway this time. Wachunge! LOL

    @Michael HA.