Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Why breakups are awkward, 3.

You know,the thing about the end of a relationship is that you begin to question how much of it was true. Did he mean it when he said he'll love me forever? If forever is a euphemism for a month and a half. How about when she said she only had eyes for me? Not if she got with your friend 2 days after. But she said she didn't want kids...mhm,she's 6 months and counting. So the declarations of love are kind of a lie,simply because love is pure and humanity is fickle and thus the two can't exist in tandem...ama? And the thought that perhaps you should've seen it coming...well,my point is,post-breakup,there are 2 people who were once together,obviously,hence the post...anyway. One was either the naive idiot who believed everything,or the pathological liar who knew they were spewing muck.

So thinking you're either stupid or a bitch. Awkwaaaaaaard...



  1. break ups are usually when both parties agree to break up. its a memorandum of their understanding of the relationships end.

    being dumped or dumping someone on the other hand is where the awkward shit sets in. and then comes the distinction between the naive idiot and the pathological liar...

  2. Aaaaaaaaah. I see your point. But still, even if it's mutual, aren't they still...well, I guess not. Damnit Louis why didn't you say this BEFORE I started the series lol