Friday, July 6, 2012

Film: The Amazing Spiderman

That's...huge. Lol.

Spidey premiered yesterday in Kenyan theatres - ok, IMAX. I was totes gonna wait to watch it at Capital Centre for 200 next week,but Imax had an offer for 400 sock a pop at noon. I was ON IT.

General plot,parents disappear,Spidey lives witn his aunt and uncle,bitten by radioactive spider,superhero TADAAAA,etc.

I came fully expecting to hate the movie. Mostly because I didn't like who they cast as Spidey. I mean,can you BE anymore pink-lipped. Sigh. Anyhue,I was pleasantly surprised. Andrew Garfield portrays a shy,geeky teenage Spidey in a way reminiscent of one of my other favourite hesitant scientist superheroes, Mark Ruffalo in Avengers as the Hulk. He was actually really on it. You know. Like me. And the movie. Plus,he was FUNNY. Spidey is SUPPOSED TO be funny. In the comics,anyway. I have loved Emma Stone since Easy A and she's always a great love interest. Their romance,for me,was just TOO CUTE. Like a fat baby. Like how teenage romance should be. I feel they showed a multi-faceted and still heroic Spidey. The villain,I could dig him,although honestly,had I paid more attention to Spidey than the Bat in my childhood years,a lot of the villain cast would've made more sense. This movie for me was a really good mix of action and emotion. Also,the guy who directed it is called Mark Webb. Ha! Ha!

I couldn't help but compare it to Toby's version. James Franco was without a doubt villain eye candy,but he was like the only guy I liked. Kirsten Dunst...meh. And upside down kisses are REALLY not that simple.

3 and a half outta 5.


p.s. Guess who STILL hasn't watched Men In Black 3.


  1. Twas a brilliant move by IMAX to set the price for the first 2 shows at half price. Tried getting the noon show and it was sold out. Going for the 7:45pm one and from the interwebs buz...sounds like it's going to be good.

    When did you try an upside down kiss? I bow down to your uhmm..ingenuity.

    1. I know, right? Enjoy.



  2. thank goodness u dint ruin it for me. now i really cant wait to go see it!!
    and finally i get to comment:)