Monday, July 9, 2012


Thought I'd kick off Tuesday with a little negativity. Because I mean,come on. Friday is so far away. And we all have our flaws. This is going to be hard though,because I'm watching Kata Rumba (S/O to my homeguuuurl @awuormamou who LOVES this stuff) and some of there outfits make it so hard to be negative while watching,LOL.

My mom says I have a lot of hatred in me. It's very true. If you know anything about me,you know I carry grudges for at least 10 years. I don't do mild,2 week resentment. I carry that ish like...right. Like baggage. Did you ever borrow money from me and not pay me back? I remember. Do you still have an article of my clothing that I gave you 5 years ago? Even after you give it back,I will still side-eye you for a decade. Yeah,petty,but I don't care,you disrespectful ingrate. I'm allowed to be petty. It's MY SHIT. Were you an idiot ex? Yup. You too. And because I'm passive aggressive,I never actually confront people. I just send them TSUNAMIS of bad karma. Believe me when I say,it catches up with them,sooner or later. Ask any conductor whose balls have suddenly shrunk.

Now,it's unhealthy to hold it in,right? Especially because a lot of the time I have to mask my hatred because oh,we're related or oh,you go to my church. And I really don't want to be fake,you know? Giving hugs to people I can't stand needs to end. Unless. You know. It's a necessary evil. I just really want to be honest with people I truly,deeply abhor. So this year,I'ma do that. Being real is actually harder than it looks,but I feel I owe it to myself. I'm an artist,for Pete's sake. (I really don't know what that has to do with anything,but it just felt so...right. Lol jk)

So I feel the first step is to let it out, so I can,kinda,like,script my confrontation,no? I'm going to do it anyway though,that's purely rhetorical,ha. So half of this week's bad karma goes to the chick who washes my hair at the salon I go to. It's bad enough that I CAN'T STAND salons,but to make the experience exponentially more emotionally draining,I get a chick who cannot seem to a,cut her nails,or b,desist from treating my scalp like a freaking archeologigcal find. Yo. I hereby refuse to have my hair washed by her again. I'll do it my damn self in the painless confines of my home.

The other goes to this ratchet who owes me money - not even a lot of money - and hasn't paid me back in like a year. Not only that,she didn't explain,or reply my texts,or...anything,yo. Short of suing her arse,I feel like my options are pretty limited. So she whines that she doesn't have money,and then I SEE HER AT JAVA. You know what's more annoying than seeing someone who owes you money eating at an expensive restaurant? NOTHING,YO. NOTHING. Lol. Waiting for this heifer to try and hug me. WAITING. I'ma pop a ratchet. LOL.

That felt good. :D



  1. As your big sisi, I have to comment. Don't loan money that you expect to get back ie. it should not break your bank/!!! Secondly, you are too young to hold this stuff in. Just speak your mind and move on right? I know it is easier said than done but once you speak your mind, you don't have to hold on to the grudge and you can move on to other things like....your life!!! Smooches.

    1. What if I break their legs? :D

      I am too young. Mom says so,sisi. Speaking it out is a step. So is blogging. Baby steps, hahaha!

  2. hahaahhaha bile for days!!!!!! Haters gon' hate:)

  3. I feel you on this ---------------> ''So she whines that she doesn't have money,and then I SEE HER AT JAVA..''.

  4. AppreciHATIN', are we? (what it looks like)

  5. That's sure felt so good for you... i can hear your shouting behind those words

  6. This is a see if its my phone that has a problem

    Oh well!

  7. This reminds me of a friend who lended another friend money. When it was time to return, he said that his accounts were frozen and he's on the run because he stole a container full of drugs.

    Hands down, the most creative and far-fetched lie to get out of paying a debt, I have ever heard!

  8. Don't listen to people hatin' on passive aggressive. I dig passive aggressive. Imagining painful ways of your hate figures getting their comeuppance is WAAAAAAY more satisfying than running them down with your car..allegedly...I have never run anyone over. Promise!

  9. That person still owes you money to date. I think it's time to expose the person. Perused your blog and that is the one thing I know about you!