Monday, June 6, 2011


I was at Pebbles' the other day. We've just discovered Gavin and Stacey,so she bought all three seasons and we squeeze in an episode at every chance we get. When I got there,she gave me a glass of juice and went into the kitchen to get tortilla chips. I got up to put disc 2 season 2 in the dvd player. There was already a disc in. It looked dodgy. It had a picture of Britney Spears and random Asian people on it. It was a 6-in-1 dvd,and none of the titles made any sense.

'Pebbles? What's this?' Pebbles came out of the kitchen. 'Oh that's porn.' Well that made sense,considering the grammar of the titles. 'Is it any good?'

'Well,I mean,half of them are a bit stupid. Like the one about the nuns in the convent is a bit thick. It's just a lot of lotion and moaning.' Pebbles and I can't stand porn that tries too hard. I get that they're not supposed to ati get Oscars for the acting or storyline,but still. A little effort-in another direction-would be nice.

'There're a lot of lookers in one of them.' I ask what lookers are. She gives me a look and explains. 'People generally fall into 3 categories during sex in regards to what they do with their eyes. There's the lookers,who stare at you like it's a movie all through. There's the blinders,eyes completely shut and will not be pried apart by anything but an orgasm. Then there's the absentees,who look around,to the side,up and down,everywhere but your face as if it's a stroll in the park.'

I was thoroughly amused. Moral of the story? Some people just like to watch.



  1. Hi tSN,

    Everybody who can comprehend sex knows that porn was engineered/designed for men. It makes little sense in chix buying it, then go around pouting that "it aint fair". We are visual, cut to the chase and all that script hullabaloo. Drop pants and "action"

    If anything what women should ask for and thus what I believe is 'their porn' is sensual arts. A movie that has an interesting storyline, adequate foreplay, focus more on the romantic side of the actors/actresses than the boom boom. There are adequate amounts of stuff like that though I admit not as much.

    Basically what I'm saying is, women and men are wired differently.



  2. it was death, now it's porn...what i wouldn't to get into that mind of your...

  3. ...meant 'what I wouldn't give'...

  4. Some people just prefer watching... other's just prefer being watched.. balance.

  5. There're a lot of lookers in one of them.' lost me on this

  6. 'People generally fall into 3 categories during sex in regards to what they do with their eyes.....haaiya! , i just learned something new!

  7. @inked now you know :o)

    @Michael EXACTLY :o)

    @lizdin ;o)

    @B_WTB :D

    @Anon Pouting?

  8. find Zane sex's worth the watch i's a series with only one season. Drat!