Saturday, June 18, 2011


After reading one of my favorite blogger’s posts on how stupid some commenters can get, I was well advised to do some therapeutic venting of my own. This is fashioned after Slim’s own Eff ‘Em Fridays. Yes, I know it’s Sunday and hence the unfortunate lack of alliteration. But it’s my blog. *sighs in satisfaction*

Eff not making enough to move to somewhere in this damned city that won’t charge me exorbitant rates for a space the size of a bed, will always have water and elec and won’t charge me 2 sock when it starts to rain.

Eff matatu condis who believe that karma won’t make their balls shrink.

Eff people who can’t mind their own damn business.

Eff the fact that people get tortured by their own effed up government.

Eff new shoes and the blister that is forming on my toe from these ones. And eff Maasai Market for starting to sell sandals for a k.

Eff that it’s mid-month…and I’m broke as all hell…

Eff riding the crimson wave. Eff the pain that comes with it. Eff Eve.

Eff y’all who reply those long-ass texts with ‘K.’ Lol I do it too. :D

Who’re you effing today? :D



  1. For alliteration, consider "Screw 'em Sunday"?

    *So much anger, young Skywalker. Beware of the Dark Side...*

  2. I would probably say fuck the hostel custodians who refuse to allocate you rooms unless you bribe them.

  3. I'm riding the crimson wave too! Justin refers to it as "The Blood Curse." Lol.

  4. @Dexxe oooooooooooh.

    @CB EFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL. Tell Justin that's...very creative.