Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Humans say the stupidest things.

Ever watched or read Bill Cosby's 'Kids say the darndest things?' They really do. I tend to think anything that Cosby puts into production is hilarious,so I may be biased,but that was a really funny show. And why was it funny? Because kids are so unassuming,so innocent,so unpretentious and unadulterated,that they constantly say the things we wish we had the bravery - or lack of societal pressure - to say.

Kids are cute. I'm the first to admit it. Then they grow up into adults. Adult stuff is fun *pause* but adults can be some pretty nasty,annoying creatures. I'm also the first to admit that I was probably much cooler when I was a kid than I am now. Weren't most people? Except for the cruel bullies,coz everyone knows,kids can also be preeeeeetty mean. I look back on playing chobowa in primary school and really wonder what that was supposed to be training for?

Adults can say some pretty stupid **. The other day I overheard a conversation about a boy who died,and the person was saying that he wanted to die because he was living a 'reckless' (raving,drinking,etc) life. ???!! First off,who died and made you God? Second,no one really WANTS to die. Do they? I dunno. Maybe I'm being too idealistic here,but I still think that was an idiotic thing to say.

High school was hard for most of us. Mine was easier than most. Except for the fact that I was Adventist. For some reason,Kenyan public schools feel the need to purge the nation of anything that isn't Protestant. We were often persecuted (I feel like John writing Revelation) unnecessarily,but we bore it because it was expected. No one likes students refusing to go for Saturday morning prep,or classes,or exams.

They would tell us that they couldn't give us special treatment because they didn't want the rest of the students to feel bad. They wanted us all to be 'equal'. This was also the reason that they would eventually put a ban on how much 'grub' - junk food - you could carry.

This is not reality. No matter how little grub you carry,or what uniforms you all wear,or what religion you all belong to,humans are not equal. That's not the real world. It never will be. Hell,it's not even Kenya.

The other day, a parent sued my alma mater because the principal would not allow Muslims to wear hijabs. I thought it was a worthy cause,except for the fact that Kenya High is as yet unable to accept anything George Orwell ascribes to. No one is going to see the bigger picture of the supposed and indeed,questionable existence of religious freedom against the backdrop of striving to stick to the rules - least of all an adult.



  1. Kids are cute huh? I still haven't gotten to that point or maybe I would want some of my own. Right now I'm perfectly content with adult relationships :-D

  2. Chobo ua might be the proper phrasing for that one actually. Thought provoking post though... Adults do have an unguarded thought pattern that can lead to unsolicited and mostly cruel comments. Sometimes better known as kuropokwa

  3. kids do say the funniest of things, 'from the mouth of babes...' for thought..adults, yeah, well..we all wanna look like we know what we are talking about, even though half the time...clueless!!!!

  4. All animals are created equal but some more equal than others. Even if you tell everyone to wear black pants someone will wear Calvin Klein and another G-Kosh. And even when you tell them to buy them from the same place someone will wear a new one everyday. Trying to make all humans equal is as futile as *insert appropriate phrase for futile things*. Truth be told we aren't equal and the earlier we come to terms with that, the better. Very cool post =)

  5. Humans will never be equal....look at the way Pres. Obama is being treated. It is human always fear those who are different from us. Class and status will always be a factor no matter how high up in the world you get. Good post sis!!


    @Reumac OH CAMAAAAAN. Like there's a correct spelling for a childhood game. Lol.

    @Anon sis? Hmmm...and this would be? SHED THE CLOAK OF ANONYMITY! No, literally. :o)

    @Michael I'm glad you quoted the line. As I told you. :o)

    @lizdin right lol

  7. Had a looong argument with someone about why uniforms are important in Kenyan High Schools....I had never even questioned why we still wear uniforms until then!! She made very convincing arguments against uniforms!!

  8. I agree with everything she said! Lol

  9. chobo ua as in kill. so yes there is a correct spelling barbie :)

  10. Did you just....did you just....oooooh! And as you hide under anonymous so I can't hunt you down? Sawa! Sawa! lol