Saturday, June 25, 2011 in North-Eastern and I'm...engaged,and for the military so I'm not usually reachable,and...

Last night on #ATADQ (AkelLoveTwitterAfterDarkQuestion),I asked what it would take for someone to date someone they're completely unattracted to. The answer was mostly money,personality,or boudoir skills...of course. I don't know what it would take. Probably the personality bit.

The other day,I took my cousin to Times Tower to get his Driver's Licence renewed. He needed it urgently for a job application. So,the official we went to asked for a bribe without batting an eyelid. I was surprised,because that's never happened to me so blatantly in-your-face show me the money. What can I say. I'm sheltered.

This man had an intensely advanced skin disease. It made his skin basically look like it was flaking. Ok,no. It was a combination of flaking and slight albinism. It wasn't too pretty. I felt sorry for him. Until he asked for the bribe. Humans really are the same. We walked out of the office.

The next day,I was walking about being gorgeous,the usual,and I get a call from a strange number. Turns out my cousin had filled in my name on a form as a recommender,or something,so he lifted it off the form and called me. He tentatively asked me how I am,thanked me profusely for talking to him-which made me feel bad,because I proceeded to lie about everything in my life (a privilege I usually reserve for my parents) so that he couldn't trace me any further. Then he asked if he could take me out for coffee. I stalled,using yet another lie.

So there was the fact that I was completely unattracted to his physical. And mental-the little I had seen,anyway.

Or maybe I'm shallow.

Would you have said yes?



  1. You start a post with that title and I... anyway. You. We are having words. Soon. Big ones. Me mostly talking. Prepare thy behind for a hiding. (after the parents leave).

  2. in North Eastern and I'm...engaged. LOL! Love it-saved for future use. I usually go with the lesbian line.

  3. @Ken I've tried that. The usual reaction is "Oh, that's ok..." as they inch ever closer to your breasts. *shivers*

    @CB Really? Really? He's just looking for love... *violins*

  4. The usual reaction is "Oh, that's ok..." as they inch ever closer to your breasts. *shivers* LOL!!!

    I would have said no so I guess that makes me shallow too:-)