Sunday, March 20, 2011

A hair post.

So I went for a shave the other day,prompted by the usual undue pressures. Dude at the local barber shop was like '2 sock.' As I walked out. What is it with Suburbia and inflation? Don't answer that.

Since my shave,my hair's been itching like crazy. And I've tried everything,for real. @theycallmebiggy claims it was lice. Checked. Nope. @thogii,my favorite model ( says the barber didn't use disinfectant. Put it on myself. Nothing. Washed it. Conditioned it. Oiled the little of it left. Nada. Only things I haven't tried are a)avocado oil (@therealzasa's idea) and b)a clean shave. But that idea is mighty tempting. I guess the hair could just be growing but really? 10 days later? All this,because my hair is GROWING? Not giving birth,or building a new head lol?

Which really makes me wonder what kind of masochists chicks who get Brazilians are. See, I don't know how the process works. Does the barber-erm,Brazilier,put disinfectant on after? Do you have to weka aftershave? And DOESN'T IT ITCH LIKE HELL WHEN IT'S GROWING BACK? Ergo making you look like you DO have crabs? All because you desire the appearance of a five year old girl?



ps. Go.


  1. As always, a great read! My verdict: It is all growing back. AND since you haven't shaved in a while, that is expected...see?

  2. Hahaha!!! No itching when you wax :) in fact that is the very reason people love of course all that other stuff of how long it lasts&you look the way you did before damned puberty!! :)

  3. No itching when you wax. Ditto. Also, you and your hair issues, they shall begin to define you :-D

    In other news, loving Mr. T was fun :-D

  4. I can't do it it can't be done!! I AM TOO GROWN TO NOT HAVE HAIR. LOL.

  5. I enjoyed reading your post on Bikos blog. It was completely hilarious and yes, sex is never that serious.

  6. Just mist your hair as much as you can - as in your scalp needs moisture and very soon it'll stop itching