Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Affair

I have a confession to make.

Four score and twenty years ago (sic) I swore my undying loyalty,devotion,commitment et al to a worthy lover,whose accolades I proclaim to this very day. His suave appearance. His witty sense of humor. His mysterious aura that kept our love alive,aflame,passionate. His resourcefulness when his damsel was in distress.

Then,dear readers,I cheated on my beloved. And I did so in such a way that betrayed the lords of logic; I cheated on my beloved with a substandard opponent. Oh,he was big,and muscular,but not particularly brainy. He was a bully,who only agreed to see your way after you went through a beating. His reach was far and wide,but my,was it a strong reach. And by Toutatis (I've been reading Asterix lately. I'm very cool.),I had to have him.

I bought a Safaricom modem. *cue gasps,subsequent wails of horror* I know,I know. I stabbed my precious Airtel in the back. But let's be honest. The only thing that the not-so-jolly Green Giant has on Feeling Free is its data and Mpesa. And when Safcon goes 4G,I'ma be ON IT like white on rice. Or like tSN on Airtel.

Airtel really need to step up their game in this particular sector,ere they lose more customers who want the best of both worlds. I already enjoy the little jingle when you disconnect from the internet on the Safaricom modem far too much.




  1. A big and muscular man? WOOT! =D
    DOn't you feel guilty?

  2. ROTFL. No. The big muscular man gives me what I want, when I want it. *BIG WINK*

  3. Reading asterix is almost indescribably cool, yes.

  4. Reading asterix is almost indescribably cool, yes.

  5. hahaha...uv described safcom with soooooo much luv.......Bob Collymore shud give u a job!!!! LOL

  6. "I cheated on my beloved with a substandard opponent"

    Safcom substandard? Well yeah ...

  7. hahaha.... funny post.. Kuja orange, used their modem for quite sometime..very cheap though for some people it hasnt worked that well. Mine has been just perfect and I manage to use half of what I wuda used on Safcom

  8. Yes Airtel is definitely the lesser evil but as I’m beginning t find out its still a devil. Just yesterday i loaded Ksh. 200 and it told me my balance is Ksh. 188...i had no withstanding kopa credo...and after calling customer care it reduced to Ksh. 132. Today it Ksh. 96 after club 10, even though I’ve only made 1 call to a Safcom no. for 5 seconds. Eh eh, I’m done with them all.