Thursday, February 6, 2014

Film: Wolf of Wall Street

starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Margot Robbie and Jonah Hill

In a truly surprising turn of events, The Wolf of Wall Street was banned last week from cinemas. The hypocrisy is amusing, seeing as Kama Sutra and other ilk have been shown at cinemas before, and we are the nation who allowed the ‘6 movies 1 ticket’ phenomenon to continue for years.

What is the ultimate surprise for me, is that WWS is not actually that filthy. Sure, there’s a lot of sex, but I don’t find it above and beyond a movie that is about the excesses of humanity. In fact, it’s almost comedic; what Quentin Tarantino does with violence, Martin Scorsese does with sex.

Granted, it is not for the religious or the faint hearted, but banning it? I thought it was a bit much. Especially considering that it has already been in the cinemas for at least 2 weeks.

WWS is the tale of Jordan Belfort, who is a young and na├»ve stockbroker seeing to make it in the world until Wall Street takes him in and spits him out. A quick and amusing scene with Matthew McConaughey introduces him to the lifestyle, and he becomes a complete degenerate who somehow, in a drug induced haze, still manages to become a millionaire from stealing poor people’s money (an aspect that they did not show nearly enough - dude stole millions upon millions from po' folk)). Jonah Hill manages to be serious and hilarious at the same time.

I was underwhelmed by the ending, and even more so when I found out that the real like Belfort still has not paid back all the money he stole, regardless of the fact that he made a cool million from selling the film rights. He even had a cameo in the movie. Hm.

Was it a good movie? I thought it was ok. Interesting? Yes. Long? Yes. Oscar-worthy?
You tell me. my opinion, Leo should have gotten an Oscar for Django, if at all.


  1. oooookay, since you've stated that you know the movie is banned and having a copy is a crime (the silliness of that is astounding!!!), I'd like to state that I can't visit you at langata women's every saturday. I'm pretty busy over the weekends. Sure, I can make it about once a month but to expect more than that is to ask too much. I don't want you thinking that I was friends just because you wrote a blog. It's far more than that. Far more deeper. We was friends coz you responded to some of my comments. A relationship built on such strong foundations can't be wiped away by simple incarceration. I will remember you fondly.

    1. Where did i say I have a copy?
      and even if I did, it was BEFORE the banning.
      When it wasn't illegal.
      No orange is the new black for you, Mister.

    2. 86% of inmates protest their innocence.

      I would like to categorically state, on this public forum, that I did not know the defendant had a copy of this illegal movie that our good government has seen fit to ban due to it's depraved content. I don't even know her. Hata some of these comments are not posted by me. I swear. Mimi ni mpita njia. I was joking when I said I'd visit her in jail. Of course I would never be associated with the criminal elements in the society. They should all be locked up and forced to take showers together all day long. This should be televised. That way, we can ensure none of them escape.

      And in closing, naomba serikali iendelee kuban movie za dicaprio. Except Django. And The departed. And all the others. Except this one. Which must be bad because the Government said so.