Friday, June 14, 2013


The beginning pretty much summarizes everything I feel about Steers. Their only positive note is that they have pickles in their burgers.

Their service sucks. Their burgers are tiny. The two times I have eaten there in the past month, the fries were raw. They don't have salt; they won't give me water instead of soda (thanks for the high blood pressure, I'll have a side of cholesterol to go with it), the seats are old and battered, the pictures of brightly smiling white people are oh-so-nineties, and what I feel is the worst: the false advertising: THE BURGERS LOOK NOTHING LIKE THE PICTURES.

Never again, punkasses. Never again.


  1. Try the hut burger at burger hut right where Rezouras used to be. Best burger I have ever had ever!!! I dare you to find a burger in town half as good. I tried it today...well, yesterday, it's early in the am and I have a bout of insomnia, tried it following a pal's overwhelming review and she had it spot on. Their hut burger forever!!!!