Monday, June 17, 2013


I liked the Great Gatsby. It's a love story (Gatsby trying to get a dame back with ridiculous goofs and consequences), what's not to like? It was a fun, fantastical kind of flamboyant cinematography that I enjoyed, reminiscent of Oz the Great and Powerful on a muuuuch bigger scale.

Surprisingly, I'm sorry Jay-Z. I wasn't digging the soundtrack. I thought it was jarringly inappropriate; maybe not all of it (like not the rendition of Crazy in Love, because of course B had to be involved) but the whole...I think they should have done it in a Django way, you know? With a lot of Western, then Rick Ross out of the blue when the guns came out.

It's a long-ass movie, so be prepared for that. Also...I watched it at Sarit, and the screen went blank for 20

It gets a 3 and a half out of 5.



  1. Why? Why? Why? Why delete my passionate fiery rant.

    We need to talk about this relationship of ours and the passive aggressive domestic abuse. See what that woman in today's paper did? That's where we don't want to end up. Remember how lovey dovey it was at the beginning with the dates and the gifts and the sweet nothings whispered in the dark? That's where we want to go back to.

    1. WHERE?

      Aki gosh.

      Is this some type of psychological fuckery kind of courtship, where I accept the flowers because you have made me feel guilty about deleting posts that never actually existed?

  2. I have LOL'd. I had a brilliant rant on something that happened on monday that had nothing to do with your post. Just venting It was inspired. Deliciously made out. And wicked with a hint of funny. Such rants cannot be adequately recreated. They come off as...weirdsad....anyways...i'm still this dsyfunctional thing of ours. I ain't going nowhere