Tuesday, May 14, 2013


What everyone wishes for has just happened to me, good people. I GOT PAID MID MONTH! And oooooh, the jooooooy that fills my soul! It was looking grim for a quick minute there, good people, but now Ndiransh can come for his 40 bob, ad we can all be happy, see? (say in Al Capone voice)

Yes, the people who owe me money still owe me money, BUT I GOT PAID! You know that excitement for getting paid when you can darken Java's doors again? And you start turning Art Caffe's menu over in your head? (Because as much as you would like to get other philanthropic souls to pay your bill, you're an independent woman, and independent women don't like to sell their souls for a strawberry daquiri. Although, come to think of it, it's not too bad a trade.)

Although this is going to bode ill for my spending this month, simply because we are so close to end month again. Yes mummy, I'll try not to spend it all in one day. (damnit I have to pay for their internet. THE MORE MONEY WE COME ACROSS THE MORE PROBLEMS WE SEE. Lol. Not that parents are problems...just that...never mind)

I have not done my Iron Man 3 blogpost, but I will soon (stop side-eyeing me, Ndiransh) as soon as I have watched Fright Night, which I downloaded on your recommendation, Njihia. Who loves torrents? I DO. Not that this is an admission. Just a statement that I love them. Not that I use them. Who, me? (yes you couldn't be then who) They're just nice to look at. (I am seeing that old school FBI warning on copyright playing in my head. Y'all remember that? Back when we used to watch movies on a VCR?)

Isn't it dandy that IMAX has insisted on continuing their tomfoolery and increased their movie prices to a k? (as I find out the day I am paid, too) Yup. 1000 bob. Not sure if it is just for Star Trek: into Darkness and Man of Steel, but they seem the type to persist in idiocy. These folks think I can't go back to 3 sock movie at Sarit. Oh, I can and I will. Where do you think I watched Oblivion and The Croods?

*drops mic*


P.s. ahahahahaha. @photosynth15 on Twitter has just commented to me how we should get Boniface Mwangi to do a protest with folks...halafu we all carry tapes (video cassettes, to you young ones) and wave them valiantly in the air. LOL. Maybe rip out the tape as a symbol of defiance? Pretend it's blood? Too soon? Pahahahahahahahahaahahhahahaha


  1. Lol, that was fast...Ish. This post, that is. Is Oblivion good?? Did Tommy bring it?

    1. He did. It was brought. Calmly, but well.

    2. yeah, he brunged it alright but you expect that from Cruise. Professionalism all the way. Didn't understand the part with the floating triangle thing but wiki helped some. The thing is, once you go IMAX you can never go back. You might try. You could make appreciative noises and whatnot but you always know deep down that you're faking it and at the end of the session, you're left unhappy, frustrated and pissed off.

      IMAX has become an abusive relationship that I just can't get out of....don't wanna get out off. #woishe

    3. Oh Ndiransh.

      Don't do it. Don't give in to the man.

      Say no.

    4. the spirit is willing but the flesh is just so weak. It's a sad day when you realise you'd make a crap freedom fighter coz the dark side is so so nice and cool and comfy and relaxing in the short term and makes the long term look all blurry and....not there. I'll just sit here and wait for a real champion to save us all. In the meantime....Star Trek!!!!!

  2. Damnation!!!! I didn't want to believe this. I chose to believe it was your (imagined!!) overzealous nature getting the best of you. I had to go to 20th and confirm(yes, I could have called) and those guys are actually going to charge 1k for the movie and the worst bit is we have to wait for a whole damn month for a movie that came out today in the EVERYWHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD. This sucks so bloody hard. And you know what the brilliant guys at IMAX decided should start today? Jurassic Park. Yes. That movie that came out 12million gajillion years ago. The one you've seen to death. The one that's even aired on KTN. That Jurassic Park. Now it's on 3D and it's shunting Star Trek to the side. Just because it's 3D. Bloody frig!!! We don't care to see the water in the cup ripple in 3D. We already know it's T-rex coming. Goddamit!!!!

    The sad truth is I'm not going anywhere else to watch Star Trek. If a movie is on IMAX, that's where I'm watching it. Actually, since IMAX started I haven't been to another theatre other than to watch Django coz (a) It was Django and (b) It was Quentin Tarantino and (c) Do you really need me to repeat it was Django? That jacket of his was just killer.

    I really need my 40bob back. IMAX is charging 1k per movie.

    P.S - You really need to put a cap on the length of comments. Else idiots will just come on and rant till forever and we don't want that now, do we?

    1. I agree. You must have your money.

      But idiots are such fun. :o)

      So you think I'm crazy? What was the word you used...overzealous?

    2. Suffering withdrawal symptoms. It's a sad day when you realise that willpower is an alleged concept practiced by fictional beings from dimension swr. So I'm going for FF6 which has really nice reviews. I watched the first one which was good...or the second..can't really remember and also abit of the first part of the 5th which I would so totally have finished watching if it wasn't for Californication. I don't care. I'm going to watch it. It's got a tank!