Monday, December 10, 2012

Moving on UP!

My 20 jobs are going fine, thank you very much.

How I ended up moving out is I got tired of the situation I was in (i.e. not being able to have arbitrary sleepovers and trips to Lamu, lol) and so I purposed -really hard! - and moved. I think there is a lot to be said for getting the universe on your side. When I get tired, I move on. I always want more, in my life, I always want a higher level and quality of life. Which I didn't discover until they started constructing new apartments in my concrete backyard in Foreverland. I was SO done...

So now, I am tired of matatus. Gone are the days when the loud music was hip and the conductors were cute. Now, I'm just irritated all the freaking time. Javving makes me nauseous, sitting next to smelly/uncouth people makes me nauseous, having to get into a jav in the first place with a rude and practically inhuman (I swear condis act like they were brought up by wolves. But that seems like an insult to the wolves. I mean, I know I'm not a dog person, but damb) conductor is simply a crime against humanity #noRuto. It's time, dear readers; it's time for a car. I'm putting it out there, and will be accepting donations henceforth.



  1. hahaahah!! this is true about conductors. one time i was javving from point A to point B...normally its 20 but that day it was hiked. so i asked the kange why the hike,he told me 'sister,chukua hiyo 20 unaulizia na uende ununue mahindi choma kwa ule mama *pointed at mama choma*' and drove off. i didnt know how to react...and off course pple arnd me were laughing like mad :/


  3. Plus, they don't have space!! I don't know how people used to fit back when there was an extra seat on every row. Or have we evolved & grown bigger?

  4. KEEP MOVING!!! ONWARD AND UPWARD!! I need to come join you in these your advancements. Sigh.
    And now you finally see what I've been saying about javs for kedo a decade!!!nkt.