Friday, December 28, 2012

Let's! Go! FLY a KITE!!

I really hate the weird sounds planes make. Like, when it's in the air and the ka-hum reduces as if it's an appliance about to go off. But, aside from that, I love me some planes. I'd forgotten how much I like flying, to the point I get a little bit emotional. I'd forgotten how smug I feel when I watch passengers who were silly enough to wear lots of metal and overcomplicated, metal, shoes. That jump in your tummy at takeoff, as if you have a crush on the skies and your heart leaps to meet it every time, to soar too. The ant farm that everything below becomes, reducing common problems (like traffic) to peasize. The sunlight glinting off the aeroplane wing when all you can see is shine and blue. That blinking light that remains constant, like a good boyfriend. :D

That flight was like a jav ride, though. It took shorter to get there than it would to get to town from my digz. Ha, and there's a sign on the wing that says 'Do not step out of this area.' Yeah right. Because that's bloody likely.

I like haikus (form of...Japanese? Poetry, in which first line is 5 syllables, then 7, then 5). When I wasn't laughing at statements on the plane, I was writing those. Find below. Like an exam question. Lol.

Tripping on mountains.
Clouds and a breeze The wing says
Do not step out. Nope!

Pressurized cabin.
Is that to say no farting?
Will the plane blow up?



  1. Argh the spambots have struck.
    I think haikus go down well with Japanese sake.

  2. Doesn't everything go down well with Sake? (Except planes of course!)