Monday, December 17, 2012


Like a grown up, today I went and bought many things that the world says one should have in a grown up's house (clearly, this is quite the bone of contention/main underlying theme with me). One of these was a fridge.

The fridge section tends to be boring. Especially the cheap fridge section. Annoyance #1 was the fact that the price of the fridge was not what everyone I had asked said it would be. A difference of 2gs is still a difference.

2, all fridges are a boring colour. They all want to be in a 20s black and white/Charlie Chaplin movie. Oh look, I'm black! And I'm grey! White over here! Where are the reds, the blues, the oranges? WHAT'S THE POINT OF THE RAINBOW??

3, APPARENTLY Nakumatt charges you to deliver, which I do not think they should, especially as my digz is behind the supermarket. The number of smart points I got made me feel a tad better, but...still. Aisee. It's like the way Steers decided to be douches and only deliver if I ordered over a k worth of food. Ati because I live far. WHERE is that on your poster, Mr. Galito man? False advertising is the downfall of eateries and government institutions. *sigh* See why I need a car?

Point is, I have a fridge. Time to do some BLAMING! Not that I need a fridge to blame it, it just seemed like an appropriate way to end


p.s. I AM ON WHATSAPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D


  1. pal, Mrs.J, is on whatsapp ( i thought it was what's up. I'm a tech neanderthal) and he gets up to all kinds of unsavoury shit in there (he's a cool cat otherwise). I imagine it's some kind of hook up centre/one night stand stop/swingers bazaar or something along those lines. Be on the look out for smooth talking ne'er do wells up in there.

    Mother hen cap has now been stored away. Regular service resumes.

    1. Well, it was the climax of the post, wasn't it? And it had OMG exclamations all over signifying the excitement factor. Which means the chances of you jumping blindly head first (or toe first(not sure which end jumps in first when one is jumping in heedlessly))into whatsapp (you sure it's not what's up) is like 200% and I have personal experience that there are ne'er do wells in there (who are cool cats otherwise). Now what kind of pal would I be if I let you blithely walk into the jaws of ne'er do wells.

  2. I have seen fridges in other colours than the standard Grey and White. To be honest, even black fridges are proving to be more elusive that a genuinely comfortable pair of new shoes.

    The thing that really grinds me is the fact that they charge more if you want, say, a red fridge. Are you telling me that red paint costs THAT much? You want HOW MUCH for a yellow fridge? After a couple of years it'll go yellow anyway and you don't see the value going up when that happens!

    I feel your pain...

    1. I feel sympathized with.


      Yellow would be so cool, though...

  3. I've seen these bright coloured fridges on TV. There's one particularly bright orange one that I would kill for. It just shouts orange into your face and your kitchen. In Nakumat the brightest I've seen it a sweet bright blue but it was a bit small and single door.

  4. The company is called SMEG. Look at one of their babies! They have more colours too.