Friday, December 14, 2012

Film: The Hobbit | An Unexpected Journey

Yes, I did. I watched it before you. LOL.

I had some apprehension going into this movie; first, because I would rather Christopher Nolan not ruin yet another epic from me, and second, I mean, aside from Star Wars, are prequels ever worth it?


I loved it! All of it. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. It was beautifully shot in beautiful places. The 3D rocked! Ah, Imax, it had been too long. :o) It was rarely funny, but when it was funny, it was funny. It was scary when it was, moving when it was...and such a guy flick. You see ONE chick in the whole movie (unless some of the Orcs...I mean, I can't tell, can I). The Dwarf King is a H.O.T.T.I.E.! Yes sir, please dwarf me with your...size...anytime. LOOOOOOL. I LOVED seeing old favourites (this isn't a spoiler, they say it in the previews and things) like Gandalf and the Lady of Lorien, King Elrond...once again, it made me reminiscient of WOT. AND, AND, AND, I actually REMEMBERED one of the Gollum rhymes, which is so unusual because I read this book when I was 10. I didn't want the movie to end, at all, and again, as apprehensive as I was about there being 3 movies for a 300 page long book, Peter Jackson has done it again. This whole movie gave me the fuzzies (especially when Mr Dwarf King Man and his...armour...was on screen...ok I'll stop); the kind you can only get from a movie whose history you know and have watched grow, like a nostalgic looking-forward-to-the-next-ones type. A sound 4 out of 5, tying with Nairobi Half Life for 3rd best movie of the year...unless Django Unchained is a cray cray masterpiece. We shall have to wait and see. (also, the Star Trek trailer? SOOOOO watching it next year!!!!!)



  1. You've just reminded me, I need to start reading WOT...right after I finish ASOIAF (we need an abbreviated acronym for this!)- book 6.

    Cool, I'll probably watch TH this weekend. As for the Star Trek trailer, will youtube it asap. Yeah, it's an exception to the pre-movie media bloackout - I STILL haven't watched the IM3 or even the new MOS trailer. hashtagWillofSteel

    1. !!!!!!

      Blasphemy, thy name is Brian.

      Also, look at you, commenting commenting.



    2. Blasphemy, thy name us tsn.

      ASOIAF is the best written fantasy since LOTR...and some contend it surpasses LOTR. The first book was 'A Game of Thrones' so there.

    3. US?


      Ok. Let's be even now. You on grammar, me on ignorance. I'm sorry. WOT just kind of...surpasses everyone for me. Plus, do I really want to know what happens in S3? *shakes head vehemently*

    4. A Song of Ice and Fire.

      Best fantasy series since Tolkien.

      Speaking of Tolkien, not to rain on your parade, but I think it should have been called 'A Peter Jackson Movie, Loosely Based Upon The Hobbit'.

      PJ sold out and hurt me real bad. Let's wait for 'The Desolation of Smaug'.

    5. Not to say that I didn't enjoy parts of it, the sum of its parts though...

    6. You know, I tried to read another George Martin and I could not...I thought it was badly that normal? Also too scared of reading ASOFAI. I really do not want to know what happens in S3. I can't.

      And lol! Really? First person I have met who did not love it...I can't wait to see Smaug, though...and I loooved the dwarves...

  2. To paraphrase tsn, KAMAAAAAANN!!!! or something of the sort. My finger slipped. The 'u' and the'i' are next to each other on the keyboard. And I had so much to say after being offline for so long so give a dude a break.

    Also, I posted a comment about the movie jana...which I can't see. What did you do with my comment? You can't just run around abducting people's comments and locking them up in your basement? We have rights. There's a new constitution in place dammit!!!

    ASOIAF rocks. I won't listen to heresy. Have you tried Dresden Files. I wager you'll fall in love!

    Finally, notice overly long, rambling post? Notice talk of 2 posts yesterday? Notice apparent disposition to verbal diarrhoea? Realise need to not get into details of grammatical errors?

    Seriously though, where's my comment.

    1. You warm my heart, in a deep, deep way.

      I do not know where your comment is. I beseech you to post it again, as I lobg to read it. I yearn for you.

      Ah, blomances.

    2. I giggled like a girl when I read that (It should be obvious from my testesterone oozing comments and alphamaletic posturing that I'm not a girl)...despite the apparent tongue in cheek but obliviousness, thy name is Ndiransh. I choose giggliness.

  3. here one week later....WOT hasnt been "read" by me can i borrow?

  4. Yeah. Send me your addy. Are you on Twitter?

  5. I begs to differ. I watched it on Sunday at 6pm so I probably got the jump on you. I take back what I said about turning 300 pages into a trilogy. That movie was just awesome. From start to end. I even forgave where they deviated/added on the book. And what's that business about 48 frames per second making people quesy. What kind of constitution do you have if watching a clear image makes you nauseous. Some people should just go back to the 18th century and farm ducks or whatever.

    I've seen an early review of Django and apparently the movie is Tarantino's best since Kill Bill. Samuel L.Jackson kills it and he's a blackhat in this movie...and it's not like the rest of the cast are slouching either. It's going to be 2.5hours of delicious madness. I can't wait. It's a pity the world ends tomorrow but I'm sure there's imax in heaven.

  6. yes...I follow u so ill jst tweet it cause cant dm