Saturday, September 29, 2012

Film: Nairobi Half Life

...which stops showing on October 4th, by the way, so you need to go see it (at Nakumatt Junction and at Nakumatt Westgate) (also, I just saw Haywire, but that will be reviewed...later)

The pick of actors was excellent. (only one who did not resonate with me, aside from the supporting characters who were all people I see around Nai...made me feel like I was going to see myself on screen lol) There was another prostitute there (not the one from Phoenix, although I have always thought she is also quite fantastic...the other one...) who is just hilarious. :D My favourite man of the moment, though, was Olwenya (s.p.?) Maina. He's the main bad guy. You guy. SO. Very. Well brought up. Such a thug. When I grow up...actually never mind lol.

I loved loved loved that they used Just A Band music for the movie. Because I LOVE Just A Band. HA and they used Ha-He, the Makmende song. #Ugangstaji I love those boys. I do.

The authenticity was great. The streets looked like the streets, the white boy bars looked like the white boy bars. The muggings looked for realsies. And the surprise was amusing.

The cinematography was nicey done.

The credits looked like Amero, you guy!

I thought the plot development was just a smidgen...just a tad...weak. They got away with it because everything else distracts you...but I felt some chains of events (?) were not believable, especially concerning the main character's character development and eventual was a no for me.

The ending...anyway, you see for yourself.

For a Kenyan movie...for any is a really strong movie. I felt Kenyan, you know? Like they hadn't lied with that story. Mtaa kweli kweli nininini. :D Repping the 254! A strong 4.



  1. good review! tag me along on your next review, except if its at an odd hour

    1. Hehe. They always are. :o) Thanks for reading.

    2. Also, how do I tag you, exactly?

  2. You know what local movie I really wanted to watch? Ndoto Za Elibidi. That movie had a kickass trailer. None of my buddies wanted to go watch it big screen though. They laughed. I was serious like a heart attack. Maybe not so serious. At least as serious as a pneumonia. Can't find the DVD anywhere though:-)