Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Do you ever have those moments in time where you think 'These niggas don't know me!?

I am having one of those moments. I almost wish I had a piece. But then again I am being drastic. (how about a stun gun? Yes? Yes!)

Some nigga has decided that it would be fun to create a fake profile of me (and other family members) on Facebook. I am taking it extremely personally. Extremely. I almost called someone important on his ass, until I decided I can deal with him myself.

Why am I taking offense to something not-so-trivial?
1. I know this nigga.
2. I am affronted by the fact that he is impersonating me. Especially because he knows me. And spelt my name wrong, the dumbass.
3. *whooosaaaaaaaaah* I come from a family whose name I hold in the highest esteem (I am beginning to feel like the Mafia). I think he needs to know just who he is dealing with...he's been making threats to people (he threatened to shoot someone) using MY FAMILY NAME. I won't stand for it...THIS NIGGA DON'T KNOW ME! And he's going around purporting...iCANT. Siwes take light. My name!! (aki I am finding myself incapable of expression. I can't even explain how important my name is to me.)

I am incensed to the point that I am finding him myself. I am hunting him down. he wants to make a fake profile? He'll make one for every body part I'ma rip off him. (Ooooh, that was nice.)

There will be blood.




  1. sounds like someone went through a whole lot of trouble to get your attention, setting up a fake profile doesn't seem easy and multiple profiles? i think someone sitting behind you in kindergarten is pulling your hair.

    like the labels

  2. Is that how you spell kapisce?? Wow.