Sunday, March 4, 2012

A tale of two prayers

I'm not what anyone would really call a praying woman. I admire it in others,though. In fact,there was a point I wanted to get a rosary to encourage me to become said woman. I am,however,of the school of thought that believes God helps those who help themselves. (like the idiot in that story about the guy stuck on a roof in a flood,praying for God to save him,and a boat passes,and a plane, skydiving rescue team,and he refuses their help because God is going to save him,and drowns,and at the Pearly Gates he asks why he wasn't saved and God is like dude,I sent you a freakin skydiving rescue team...but I paraphrase)

So I was in a bus,right,on my way to a hot,sexy date (with my hot,sexy niece) (cough) and I observed a movement out of the side of my eye. I spy with my little eye a cockroach crawling into the hair of a woman nearby. I freeze,paralyzed with horror and disbelief. My moment of grave indecision,though brief,then causes me to not do anything at all. At my inaction, I am appalled. But then I begin to contemplate,can I really stay in this bus that is in such a state? I decide to be tough,strap on a pair,because the roach,after all,is all the way over there. The conductor comes up to me to ask me for fare,and I proceed to hand it over with nary a care then alas! I dropped the coin,and down it went. I refused to be a victim of money not spent. I bent down to find it,then lo and behold,another roach appeared! One more cocky,and bold. I froze once again,then moved my lips in prayer: ''Dear Lord,if you can,take this bus of suffering from me,for everywhere I look,a critter I seem to see.'' Then I paused,and thought about the aforementioned tale,and quickly I stood up,all hearty and hale,and said ''God,I know it's not your style to throw us what we can't handle,as such,but dude,me I can only take so much!!'' I got off the bus,and walked to my date,bug free,prayerful and only slightly late.

Can I get an Amen!


p.s. I hear 20th is going to be an Imax cinema. So many relationships of mine have been broken and built on those steps lol. I hope they don't pull some idiocy and charge a k a movie.


  1. They probably will charge at least 1200 per movie. ION, A COCKROACH IN SOMEONE'S HAIR???!!!! Kwani that weave was worn by MonaLisa as Da Vinci drew her?

  2. I know, right. :o(

    It was heading there. I don't know if it arrived at its destination. I couldn't watch.

  3. cockroaches in buses? Which buses are this?

  4. Amen! And a few heartbeats healthier. The walking.

  5. Amen to that. N a hallelujah on the side.

    About the roaches I think the bus had been fumigated like 3 hrs before you boarded and the roaches read between the lines eti its time to relocate. Like duh. Cut the roaches some slack. N where else to move, other than in a 17 yr old weave!

  6. hehheheheehe,repercussions of not removing weaves when required you were lucky you were not sitted behind her or beside you could have smelt something (industrial area fumes,jua ya week yes you can smell the harsh sun of nairobi on your hair sometimes ;),moshi ya muthurwa smokie bar)why would a roach just land on your hair unless it smells good to it?have a blessed one

    1. There may indeed be logic in your

  7. So hilarious,laughed with every sentence!