Saturday, March 10, 2012

Book & Film: Film Review - Safehouse

There may be a teensyweensy spoiler at the end. Just stop when I tell you to stop. No means no.

Can I just begin by saying that EVEN NOW,I would be willing to do tasty things to the ever-fine Denzel Washington (who,if you haven't guessed why I'm talking about him by now,is in this movie). And you can't tell me nothing. He ain't never done nothing to his beautiful face.

Next,Ryan Reynolds,who stole my youthful heart in Van Wilder. Sigh...who doesn't like a smart aleck superhero with fear issues? Hands down.

Ryan Reynolds is a housekeeper for a safehouse for the CIA,i.e. where criminals and/or CIA folk are brought when they All he wants is a chance to prove himself (cue violins),which he gets when the CIA's most infamous rogue agent,Tobin Frost (one of those Shaka Zulu-like names that makes you feel scared,nicely) is brought to his house. After an attack on the house,he must decide for himself which side he's really on,and which side is really right.

Stop reading here if you haven't watched it,unless masochism excites you.

It reminds me of Smoking Aces,a lot. Ryan gives an excellent performance (we're on a first name basis,don'cha know) and Denzel really can't be anything but stellar. It gets 3 stars,though less exciting than Mission Impossible (but still lots of action for the violent folk. A really COOL badass kill scene as well. That sounds wrong,doesn't it.) and more intriguing than Immortals (better plot,though a tad predictable),which I also gave 3...hmmmm. But there you have it.


p.s. Guess what I did this week...


  1. Guessing you went to watch sofapaka play, right?

    I think we should agree to disagree on Immortals. I filmed my 20month old boy waking up from his afternoon nap coz he does a killer zombie impersonation when waking up and that was waaaay more intruiging than Immortals. That movie makes me want to hit somebody in the face!

    Will check out safehouse, though.

    1. Again...I didn't like the gods in Immortals. I thought Theseus and THE ALL WONDERFUL MICKEY ROURKE were fantastic, though.

      And...HAHAHAHAHAHA! I wanna see that clip...

  2. Haven't watched Denzel in a whilr so will look out for this one - could do without Ryan reynolds though ;)