Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Nice Watchman

No,this is not the title of a fairy tale.

Quick digression,pills are annoying. The ones that you have to pop out. They fly everywhere sometimes. Very annoying.

Onto the take of our valiant hero! *cue theme music of the heroic persuasion* Usually I can't stand that particular breed of human. But sometimes,one comes along to make me change my mind. For instance,the one from my limber and youthful days when skiving the digz to go for the rave was commonplace. Story for another day. But he never told on me,and always kept an eye out in case Dad was having a late night and chose that moment to show up,when I was pausing like a...well,errant daughter before the headlights about to meet inevitable doom.

The keys were in the Merc. Roger and Mr.M. decided the best way to do this would be to try and jimmy the windows down. But that would ruin the piping...thingy. The next option was to jimmy the lock. Natsing. Then,through the boot. Fortunately the boot's opening and closing had nothing to do with the key. So Roger climbs into the boot to find the catch that'll pop the backseat forward...natsing. But then he randomly pops the speakers out. So now the plan becomes to build a contraption flexible and strong enough to push through the speakers,down the seat,hook the keys and carry them out.

3 hours later-well,it felt like. It was probably like one-,natsing. We've tried branches,hands,sticks,second opinions and prayer and the keys have thumbed their noses at us like booyah,who's the chicken now and other mocking chants. Then a watchman walks by. Who we ask to go get us a hanger from the residential area he watches. Which he does. Which doesn't work. So he gets a longer wire. Mr.M. twists it into a viable rescue tool. Roger climbs into the boot,pushes the wire through the speaker hole...and gets the keys right when the owner of the car is round the bend.

Nice watchie. Roger needed a full body massage after that which I clearly could not give him. I took out my gratitude on Mr.M. Clearly fate knew he just needed to come. So lunch was my treat,the next day. Paid for by my niece,because he had taken her through the wire. With a wire. Ha.


  1. ah ha ha ha ha! you took out your gratitude on mr. m. clearly fate knew he needed to come. brilliant. sexual inuendo 101. loves it. muchly. and you. x

  2. What is that they say about determination?? this should be the story :D