Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The beginning of the end of the beginning...of the end.

I finished school today. I did (to my knowledge) my last undergraduate paper ever. Now,ceteris peribus,it was my last paper,but maybe I'll get another degree. Or do a Masters. In which case,it's back to term papers,damnit.

The paper was pretty good. It was an art paper,so there were pictures of naked men I had to identify. That's never bad. Unless they're lewd flashers. I was flanked by JnttNemo and Nigmwa,and we all finished about the same time and sprung out of the exam hall jubilantly. Yup,I just used that word. Do you hear the harps?

Am I the only one who feels pressure when people walk out of the exam room,and you're not done? Even one person,really. I just feel a crap-I'm-not-done-hurry-you-slowpoke kinda uncomfortable feeling in my hand. It starts twitching like it wants to write faster and/or slap me.

The melancholy tone you think you hear in this post? You're right. I mean ok being done with term papers,don't get me wrong,is really,really awesome. But now,ati,I have to grow up. I'm out of excuses. I have to-GASP-start looking for meaningful employment/start a serious hustle *coughprostitutioncough*/ get married. Like,I have to come up with a useful contribution to society and The Folks. Who comes UP with these things?

I have to look for internships from stupid Kenyan companies who don't reply to your emails,even to say no or your cv is laughable,go get another degree. My supply of pocket money from school stops! *voice breaking* no more loose shopping trips or skiving school because that's where you're supposed to be so that's where you're more excuses like groupwork for coming home more conning The Folks for school trips that don't exist...which I never did! See? I'm SO not ready for the real world! I like cocoons and denial. They're really quite comfortable places to be.

There's culture shock coming my way. A devirgination of my pampered,school child self. There's no protection! Sigh. Maybe I'll just become like that chick from Girlfriends and get 6 degrees because I'm scared of getting a job. Plan? YES!!

I guess,on the plus side,no more Thika Road.


  1. Nice joining to do undergrad soon.and this is not so encouraging.haha

  2. Lol. It is what you make it. Let me warn you now. Start inventing those trips! :D and life is never,ever that serious... :o)

  3. BWTB says that embrace it, stick your head out the window and see where the wind blows (or some hippy crap like that).

    On a serious note, jealous. You are destined to manage the world (after i own it of course!!) xx

  4. Welcome (almost) to the harsh reality that is life, somewhat, in a way - if you really think about it extensively, depending on your specific line of thought and general perspective - but not exactly immediately after school...

  5. So much for *facial expression* "mum, i need some money" *exit facial expression*