Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Today's reflections

I don't care what everyone says,drugs are your friend. This is my constant resounding refrain everytime I get tonsilitis. Like now. During my lovely 5 day weekend,I was thoroughly rained on while trying to make my way to Slam Africa. Thus,my tonsils inflamed and I am now sick. And not just a normal kind of pop-a-couple-of-amoxils-and-you'll-be-fine type. Nope. The septic kind. It's really gross. I'll spare you the details and just say it involves pus.

Not to be deterred from my perenially upbeat and positive attitude,I have realized there are a number of things that are wonderful about being sick. For one,everyone seems to want to take care of you. 'Can you walk?' Yes. I'm sick,not maimed. 'Shall I feed you?' refer to above quote...however,to be fair,I have been a tad woozy,so I suppose the questions are warranted. I will not look a gift horse in the mouth when it wants to give me a ride.

So I was chilling at the digz on Sunday,and someone knocked on the door. It was the hot mama from #1. Literally,hot mama. She has 3 kids and looks 25,speaks fluent French and has the body of a petite temptress. It must be hard for guys nowadays to hit on women. Half of the girls on the street have children,but certainly don't look like it. Moms are getting younger and younger. Which is fine,just...confusing. If I was having children,I'd be severely disturbed by the competition.

Ideally,I should've stayed home to recuperate,but I don't like to miss class. Plus I had an exam. So off I went to school. Messy,that. By Wednesday,though,I was like,meh,school's overrated. So I went to the dispensary to get more drugs (yay). The doc told me the drugs I'd been taking were doing nothing so he prescribed some new stuff. I gave the prescription in,then the dude goes follow me. So I follow him and he takes out a syringe. So I'm thinking oh ok,he wants to inject something into my tonsils. Or something. Then he goes I'm going to need you to pull down your pants,or would you prefer to lie down?

The last time I had a butt injection...actually,I can't remember the last time. I was a combination of amused and numb. Wish my rear was numb too,I don't do well with pain. By the way,this is why your mother always tells you to wear nice underwear everyday. After he massaged the tender area,we had a pleasant conversation about whether or not I should remove my tonsils. I then proceeded to get on the bus,sit down gingerly,and go home.

You see this is the great thing about school. (yeah,can't believe I just wrote that either) You have a choice. Class is kinda optional,really. The rat race has no such leeways,and much worse repurcussions. You can't just...leave. And plus,it's a bit like you're being paid to go to school. They give you pocket money and your own room. I totally get the chick from Girlfriends who has 6 degrees because she's scared to get out into the real world. She's the hottest one,in my opinion. She's also probably a mom.

I think I'll have another 5 day weekend. Just for kicks. (and for the sake of recuperation,and the fact that I won't be able to do this from like next year. But we'll go with kicks.)


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  1. I remember last time i had bronchitis, i didnt wanna pull down my pants so i went, you mean you cant inject anywhere else on my body? Doctor answers, no. I continued, ok then do you have a lancet, and that thread thing you sew people with? Doctor goes, yes, obviously wondering where this was going... I'll take the lancet and cut out a little flap in my jeans and underwear and you will use that hole to inject, yes?
    Obviously it was a no so i had to pull my pants at least halfway and got the damn butt numbing thing

  2. I luuuv it. I had a boil on my poor butt in the not so distant past. So doc tells me to lower my pants and get on the bed. So i lay there and go "so is that ok?". I felt pretty humiliated and traumatised for a lil bit, before I began humming through the squeezing procedure. Thats when i realised boils are way too overated. Though the doc wz lyk im the strongest person hz ever met cz every other patient of hz yells and or cries. Bt really, twz merely a discomfort.

  3. We need to demand our rights,man. WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE FROM THE BACK. *pause*

  4. why does it always have to be from the back?

    *A moment of silence*

  5. I share your concerns about the rat race. :)
    I got injected (in the butt) by a young nurse who kept insisting that I was tensed up and should relax. I told her the truth: my body's firm.
    Just saying.